07 May 2012

A Thousand Teardrops Fall - BJP March

Another Teardrop pendant completed for the Bead Journal Project 2012.
This is pendant #3.

I've called this one "A Thousand Teardrops Fall" in memory of my faithful old Yellow Labrador who passed away at Easter aged nearly 15yrs.

The ground fabric is like angel fibre but made of red and purple strawgrass fibres.
The beaded "tears" are made up of about 18 beads each and the overall effect has the "tears" just hanging loose.
The pendant is threaded onto a black satin ribbon which is tied in a bow at whatever length is required.


  1. They leave a very big empty space in your life, but they fill a corner of your heart for ever.

  2. What a pretty way to show your feelings about a beloved pet.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader