26 August 2015

Woohoo - I Love Paisley's and Mandala's

Just a quick one-photo post today, as we are in the midst of O.I.S. (Other Important Stuff)

I love Paisley's and Mandala's

I will hopefully get some individual seam photos posted during the week (or next week at the latest).

19 August 2015

How much stitching?

Q - How much stitching did I accomplish during the week?
A - Not a lot.

Just 'arrows' on the left, and circle at the bottom. I'm very disappointed that I didn't get to finish the block this week. 

Major life-changing decisions are so difficult to make, aren't they?
Our plans change so fast with the foreign exchange rate not working in our favour at the moment, but of course nothing in life is easy.

Ah well, onward and (hopefully) upward.

12 August 2015

CQJP progress on Orange block

There is only one word that describes this particular week for me --- BUSY

It's change-over week for ownership of our Auckland farm property, and that means lots of visits and meetings with professional services people.

This time next week I may be able to sit back and enjoy the sunny days, but for now, it's on with the business at hand.

Where did I find time to stitch? I have no idea, but here ya go, a bit more 'filling' on the Orange block.