31 December 2014

The Last Post of 2014

Some Highlights from 2014

Well, that just about wraps it up for 2014.

All that is left, is for me to say

    HAPPY   NEW    YEAR     

24 December 2014

Joy To The World

    Merry Christmas to all    

  For my online and offline family and friends  

  May your celebrations be joyful and loving  

This is my Christmas Tree for this year.

A minimalist decor to match our home as most of our belongings are already packed away for the sale of our farmstead and home.

The Christmas sheet-music collage on the wooden tree base was fun to create. Here are a few close-up photos.

  Love and peace to everyone  

17 December 2014

A Crazy Quilt Block completed

Dragonflies, Butterflies, Flowers and more make up this crazy quilt block.
The block is from a Kathy Shaw class, with a few extra embellishments of my own imagination.

All in preparation for my 2015 CQJP which is still in the planning stage.

12 November 2014

CQ Sewing again.

Phew! Finally I have some stitching to show you. 
We've been so busy here on the farm lately that I've not had much time left over for sewing.
The grass is almost ready for cutting and bailing again and that will be another busy time here at 'Lewis Acres'.

But for now, here is what I've been up to.

Crazy Quilting with Kathy Shaw's seams plus a few 'personal flourishes' of my own.

Plenty of room left on these seams for the addition of beads and SRE.
I'm just waiting for the postman to bring my new supply of Silk Ribbons.
I had to order more because my original stash is packed away in sealed boxes in the shipping container, and no way am I going in there to start opening up already packed boxes, lol, assuming, of course, that I can find the 'correct' box.

And just in case you are wondering about the background fabric.... it is all my own hand dyed neutrals.

Happy Stitching

10 November 2014

CQJP 2015

Yes, it is that time of year again. 
Kathy Shaw (shawkl) is about to open the registration for :

01 October 2014

September Hearts

 My Free Form Hearts for the month of September 

For my  Straight From The Heart Quilt 

Week 28

A Crazy Quilt Patchwork Heart with Crochet flowers embellishments.

Week 29

Machine blanket stitch applique with hand stitched Buttonhole Bars edging.

Week 30

Metallic thread Kantha Quilted heart in contrasting halves.

Week 32

A cute 'fussy-cut' rose fabric heart, appliqued with small cross-stitches in a variegated thread.

I'm still trying to vary the techniques that I use on the hearts, and I think I'm still coming up with new ideas that I haven't tried yet. So much fun to be had in a haphazard free forming way.
That's my lot for September.
See you in October, lol.