30 April 2014

Crazy Quilting wk 17 ~ Tatting ~ Crochet

What should I show you first this week?
How about the little birdie on the "E" monogram, updated this week with a flourish of floral vine twirling away in the background, and the little birdie now has a 'body' to help it sing its little heart out.
It is a fabric patch on my "Straight From the Heart" crazy quilt.
Simple, yet effective. I hope Emma likes what I did with her initial for inclusion on the quilt.

And here is a crochet flower motif. My own design
This is also going on the Heart Quilt.

 Tatting Update
 I have been practicing my tatting once more and made this motif. 
Still wonky, still mistakes, still learning, lol.

And..... for those of you who didn't get to see my excitement on Facebook....

Hold your ears while I sing a loud WAHOOOO.....
(American friends insert 'Ye Haaaa' if you wish)....

....... I ....... CAN ....... TAT .......

Oh my goodness, I can tat. At last. I finally get 'IT'.
Good old Percy did it again.
(Percy = perseverance)
Lesson learnt. See, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
I've had a great week.
I wonder what the next seven days will bring.

23 April 2014

16 April 2014

Heart Crazy Quilt week 15

 Straight From the Heart Crazy Quilt 
Week 15

A stitched Mandala (not complete yet).

I have had another try at needle tatting. Still not totally got the hang of it.
Something got a bit twisted in the wrong direction somewhere along the line, and its all a bit uneven.
I shall persevere.

Sorry if I'm a bit short on photos this week.

I have actually accomplished a lot more than just these two offerings this week, but I am not able to show you my other things yet as they have to remain a secret for a little while longer.

One of the projects is going to be published in a book, and a different project is going to be a freeform mystery crochet along.

Watch this space for more details on these 'things' coming soon.

Happy Stitching.

09 April 2014

Heart CQ ~ Boho Skirt ~ Kumihimo

 Straight From the Heart Quilt 

Week 14

A few variegated leaves added to last weeks ruffle flowers, and I don't think it needs anything else now.

A crocheted purple and white flower has been 'planted' in a flower-pot.


 Boho Skirt Update 

Wohoo, I have finished the front middle panel of the skirt.
Rough, raw fabric edges, uneven and sometimes wonky stitching (I love it).
I am not embellishing every fabric patch, just an occasional one here and there.

Love that musical fabric.

I might have to add more stitching to tone down the orange fabric to the left of centre bottom. It just seems a little bit bright for what I'm wanting here, or I may even froggit.

Now to carry on around the back of the middle panel.

 Kumihimo Necklace 

Had a bit of a fun one afternoon and created this Kumihimo necklace.
Yet to add the fastening though. Still pondering on that one.

02 April 2014

Heart Crazy Quilt Catch Up

This week I am playing catch up with my Straight From the Heart Crazy Quilt.

Here are three weeks worth in one post (is that good value, or what?)

Week 11

Machine work - haha - something you don't see very often from me.
Playing (experimenting) with free-motion quilting and also practicing with metallic threads.
Pink and purple satin fabric, only the purple one is the shiny, slippery little devil.
Hand stitched to the black rose fabric with buttonhole stitch.

Week 12

Reverse applique heart with a fly stitch decoration and a fabric 'ruffle' flower for the centre.

Week 13

Two more 'ruffle' flowers (just because I was enjoying doing them) and a Suffolk Puff flower (I am English so that's what I call them, you may know them as Yoyo's).
The stamen are made with Cast-on stitch.
The Suffolk Puff looks somewhat black in this pic, but it is actually a deep aubergine.
I may add some hand stitched embroidery in places on this, I'll just have to see what time I have spare.

 Quilt Show Photo Album 

The quilt show photos that I mentioned last week are on Flickr - all 108 photos.

....and don't be shy, say hello over there...
There are too many to post to this blog sorry, but here's a taster for you....