31 July 2015

CQJP 2015 - Orange block progress

Orange is the colour for the block this month and
here are some progress photos of the various seam treatments.

More embellishing to come next week.

Happy Stitching

15 July 2015

A Fun Cro-Doodle Project

Cro-Doodle is my way of saying this project is a hybrid.
Crochet inspired by Zen Art Doodles.

There is a group I'm in on Ravelry that threw a challenge at members to create a free form crochet/knit tangle from an animal Zentangle.

I prefer to call my drawing of this style Zen Art Doodles, and proceeded to produce the art work that I will be interpreting in crochet.

I will not reveal the whole drawing until all the crochet is complete, and I will leave the 'animal' as a surprise at the end.

Here is the first small section that I have recreated in crochet so far.

09 July 2015

CQJP - The Green Block

The Green Block on my CQJP is now finished.

Seam treatments and embellishments close-up pics.














End of green, now on to another colour for my next block.... what colour will it be?
Watch this space, lol.

Happy Stitching.

01 July 2015

CQJP update

Yes, I'm a 'bit' behind on the Crazy Quilt Journal Project, but here is my latest work on this piece.

Green, is the colour for this block, although my camera has not captured the right bright greens properly.

All the crochet pieces were entirely stitched freestyle with no patterns. The seam treatments will have more embellishing eventually.

I love the paisley design. I might have to 'chart' that one and share on Ravelry.

So that is my April block started. The neutral naked block is hand pieced.

Oh it's good to be back stitching. I'll give you an update on how our home moving is going on later in the week perhaps.

Happy Stitching.