14 May 2012

TAST Week 19 - The Half Chevron

TAST Week 19 - The Half Chevron

I thoroughly enjoyed this stitch.
Definitely one to add to my list of "go to" stitches. I shall be coming back to this stitch again in the future as there is plenty of scope for experimentation with it.

Here are my experiments with Half Chevron stitching I have completed this week.

A seam treatment double row of Half Chevrons with 'lozenge' shape additions in the middle, and metallic thread stars in the centre's of those.

A Mandala motif on my CQJP 
(It just grew)
Variegated green is Raised Buttonhole on Spider Wheel
Lime green is French Knots
Pale blue variegated is two rounds offset Half Chevrons
Aqua bugle beads and silver seed beads
I was rather surprised that the round of beads fitted the mandala perfectly without having to 'jiggle' the spacing at all. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

Shisha & Half Chevron FUN

An extra little challenge was suggested on the Tuesday Stitchers group as a few members wanted to have a go at Shisha stitching.
It has been quite a while since I have done any Shisha work (years in fact) so I thought I would join in on this stitching adventure too.
I have a bag or two of the small round Shisha mirrors that are the usual item to stitch onto fabric, but I know my supply of mirrors is in the shipping container that I call my "Craft Box" which is outside next to the 'man-cave'. I was too impatient to go and search for it so I used what I could find on hand in the house.

So this is the Half Chevron addition to a fun 'experimental' Shisha piece.
The 'mirror' is actually a metal, screw bottle top (no, really!!) from a bottle of Martini Bianco that I just happened to polish off the night before. (Again - some things are just meant to be).
I had to get the hammer out and smash the poor bottle top flat so that it could be stitched in place, but hey, "all is fair in love and stitching".

And a slight angle photo to see the texture of the shisha stitches and the height of the hammered bottle top.

Oh yes, all for the sake of my craft.
I had fun.

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