26 March 2014

Crochet - Hexagons - CHB Quilt Show

We are back home again now from our peaceful retreat.
It was a tranquil setting to sit and stitch, and I got plenty of stitching and crocheting done.

The pink and white mohair patch (from last week) has had some more texture added to it.....

And (groan) another project started.
This is going to be a bluesey neck-warmer collar type thingamajig.

The main reason we went to "the other place" was to level the ground ready to put a pump shed in place over the water bore hole. (We need water just like everyone else does).
I was meant to be helping t'other-half to dig the shed foundation, but I got tied up (almost literally) with measuring and marking out the house plot. So when I eventually turned up at the shed site, he had finished it and actually had a smile on his face and said the ground was easy to dig. Job finished, we could go home now, and we'd only been there two days.
Now seemed as good a time as any to tell him that we couldn't go home because I wanted to go to the quilt show there on Friday.
That seemed to wipe the smile from his face, lol.
During breakfast on Monday he decided that he could fend off his boredom if he went back home for one night (it's a six-hour drive just one way) to pick up the shed panels, and bring them back to Hawkes Bay the next day, then erect the whole shed the day after.
I rather liked the idea of being left on my own for almost two days of non-stop-stitching.

Photo before the shed arrived....

Photo after the shed arrived....

And if I turn around 180degrees from that point...
you can just see our caravan through the trees.

I took my hexagon patchwork with me to Hawkes Bay because it's one of those projects that travels well and is easy to pick up and stitch at any little spare moment.

This is how much I got stitched while we were away. Great progress.

I only have about the same amount again as this left to stitch into these 3-hex patches, and then I have the lovely job of putting all those 3-hex patches together to form the quilt top.
Woohooo, slowly getting there. It has only taken me about 10+ years to get this far, lol.

Just in case you have studied the hexies in the photo above, and are wondering why some hexies do not have tacking stitches holding the fabric in place over the papers.... well, you see, it's like this...
The hexies on the left (7 of the 3-hex patches) were stitched in the normal technique from Saturday to Thursday of last week.
Then, on Friday, I went to the Wine Country Quilts Show

and, I'm sure you know how it goes... there were merchants selling their treasures products, and this one lady was selling glue pens for fabric. Oh my!
She was actually demonstrating on tiny hexagons and has made the most exquisite small quilts.
I fell for them straight away and bought the glue pen.
Then, back at the caravan, I could use the glue pen on my larger hexies.
Voila! I now have hexies that do not need tacking together first.
My only disappointment is that I've nearly finished making all the hexies for this quilt. I so, so, wish I'd found this product sooner.

 Now, I bet you are wanting to know about the actual quilt show.
I will be sharing photos in another post later in the week.
And the Pukeora Estate is worthy of a whole blog post just for itself.
It's late now and I really must be somewhere other than my computer.

19 March 2014

I've Gone AWOL but still Crocheting

I am AWOL........ gone to our retreat for a week of meditation. 

Hah, some hope of that. My other half needs help with the foundations for the pump shed, so I shall probably have a spade or pick-axe in my hand right about now.

I don't have internet access there so I pre-scheduled this post to show you that I haven't been slacking in the creative department.

Here are some recent crochet pics for the Winter Warmer project.
It's turning out to be a sampler (of sorts) for crochet stitches and designs.

A lavender and cream hyperbolic scrumble on a purple mohair base.

A starfish flower.

A plain circle....... because not everything has to be fancy.

I love the next one so much that I might just have to repeat it and make myself a soft jumper or shawl with just this pattern and yarn.
White mohair, a pale pink mohair, and a gorgeously fine silver boucle yarn.
So warm and cuddly, I'd have people queuing up to cuddle me, lol.

I know you've seen the pink scrumble before, but here it is in situ, along with some other textural stitching.

A wavy line and a sneaky bit of knitting crept in there too.

A bit of chunky texture......ya'll know I love texture.

Puff stitch in neat rows and random Popcorns

Purple Bobbles and Furrows

Lastly we have openwork shells

That's it for now on the Winter Warmer. 

I'll catch up with the Crazy Heart Quilt pics when I get home again.

Be good while I'm away....... See you next week.

12 March 2014

Heart Crazy Quilt & Winter Warmer

 Straight From The Heart - Crazy Quilt 
Week 10

The crochet edging for the Dresden plate center is complete - all 60 inches of it.
Took a while to crochet it and stitch it in place around the 'swags' of the plate.

Another patch embellished with a crochet Mandala/flower. 
Love, love, love these colours, lol.

And, now that I have finished the Dresden plate central work, I get to stitch the patches together onto the quilt.
No perfection is required for this part. Raw edges to the patches, large stitches, wonky stitching......whatever happens happens.
Just pick up the next patch from the pile and stitch it down somewhere.
An occasional fill-in patch required to cover a blank space.

You might recognize a few of the stitchery patches from earlier this year.

No progress on my Boho skirt this week, but I did get two more parts of the Winter Warmer done.

Guess who's having fun...........

05 March 2014

Alternating Between Projects

This week I have been flitting between projects again, and even started a new one 
(oh no, another ufo started)

Update on the Straight From The Heart Quilt
Week 9

I auditioned some crocheted lace edging for around the Dresden plate.
Here it is, temporarily pinned in place, to see if I like it there ..... I do. So I shall carry on and crochet the rest to fit around the scalloped perimeter.

And these three free-form stitched "plus size inchies" (1.5ins) are surplus from a previous project, and have now made it onto this quilt.

There is a pink heart on the orange square.

I created the following crochet square for my Winter-Warmer project. 
We, here in New Zealand, have just gone in to Autumn, so I am expecting some cooler weather shortly.

Then, my most favourite denim skirt "bit-the-dust" through old age and wear and tear. I am too heartbroken to throw it out, so I lovingly started to upcycle it into a Boho style skirt.
The idea is to cover all the threadbare worn areas and holes with cutesy stitcheries.
The skirt originally had four tiers. I have cut off the bottom scraggy tier, and started covering the 2nd tier as the photos show here - rustic stitching, raw edges, uneven shapes, basic (or zero) embellishing.

Then I shall add lace to the 3rd tier, and attach a shorter gathered fabric strip in place of the bottom tier if it looks ok.

And while I was stitching the purple one on, I was thinking about turning my denim jacket into a Boho one to match the skirt, lol.