30 April 2012

TAST Wheatear & CQJP block

TAST Wheatear & CQJP block

TAST for this week is Wheatear Stitch.
I used this for one long seam on my CQJP and added 3 seed beads at each point of the stitch.

Progress on CQJP March Block

Had lots of fun with different seam treatments this week. Experimenting with various techniques and inventions. 

This is the 'finished' block that I have submitted to the CQJP blog. I shall probably still add more to it at a later date as I really want something more in that largish white triangle on the bottom right.

And here are some detail pics of the various seam treatments.
(click on these for a larger view)

Metallic threads feature a lot in this block, and I especially enjoyed stitching the tiny stars on this white area. I'll see if I can get better photos outside when the weather brightens up a bit. I had to take these inside with artificial light so I'm sorry if they are not clear enough.

Happy Stitching

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