24 April 2013

CQJP 2013 Mandala Quilt Update

 CQJP 2013 Mandala Quilt Update 

Sub-titled - - Let Me Tell You A Story

So this is how the story starts.
Centre-Circle wants to dress up to go to a party.
So Centre-Circle asks for a smart black suit, 
and Centre-Circle gets a smart black 'suit'.

But then the others started getting very jealous because Centre-Circle looks so smart in his new black suit.
The others think that they look 'under-dressed' compared to him.

So they beg for a smart black suit each 
.....and, one-by-one they get 'dressed' up in their smart black suits too.

And happiness, once again, started to return to the Circles.

Until, eventually, laughter overtook them all, and the dancing began.

And the Party of the Circles was THE  place to be.

Happy Stitching

Let the 'party' jokes, 
and 'circle' jokes, 
and 'dancing' jokes 


17 April 2013

CQJP 2013 progress

I've been away....... did you miss me?

We had a great time in the Hawkes Bay area. The sun shone (most of the time), the beaches were mind-blowing (as always), the Motel was 4**** awesome, the scenery was beautiful, and the wineries were, well.... full of wine, lol. Delicious.

I'm creating another blog as our "Travel-Adventure-Blog" so that this Free Form Stitching blog stays mostly on topic here, and so that family and friends will be able to follow our adventures without getting caught up in my stitching projects. I will let you know the web address of that as soon as I have uploaded these latest photos.

On topic again now.

CQJP latest work.

Nine more of the smaller circles that surround the larger circle in the middle. That now makes 12 all together.

That's my lot for this week.
Now to catch up with all that I've missed while away.

Happy Stitching

03 April 2013

Round and around I go

I've been going round and round in circles this week, and this is what I have achieved........

All the above will be going on my Crazy Mandala Quilt.

I've also been working on an UFO. A lacy crochet tunic that I started making in Nov 2011. I think it got put on the back burner when I heard about the Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP).

This pic is the beginning of a front piece before I started working on it. This week I have finished the two front panels and I'm about a quarter of the way up the back.

Tony and I are off on another adventure tomorrow, and we'll be gone for 6-8 days, so I'll probably not be around for a post here next week.
We are going to the Art Deco centre of New Zealand.... Napier, and the surrounding countryside of the Hawkes Bay area, which just happens to be the heart of NZ wine making country.
I have a feeling we are about to have a good adventure.
I'm sure I will get totally absorbed (not just with the wine) and inspired by the creative era of Art Deco.
Hopefully I will have a few tales to tell you on my return.
Watch this space.

Happy Stitching