27 June 2014

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

We lost our internet connection for a few days, hence no mid-week post here. I'll not try to recapture my 'missing' days this week, but hope all will return to normal next week in Free Form Stitching World.

Watch this space.

18 June 2014

Body-Warmer 'Thingamajig' is Finished

I finally managed to get some fairly decent photos of the Thingamajig.

I call it the 'Thingamajig' because:
...it isn't a waistcoat because it has a collar
..it isn't a jacket or a cardi because it doesn't have sleeves
...it isn't a tank top or a vest because it opens down the front

So..... it's a Thingamajig.

I love these loops and 'toggles' that I made for it.

Not a very good photo of it (or me, lol). This is from last week when the pic turned out more purple than its true colour.

Next week I'll catch up with photos on the Straight From the Heart Crazy Quilt as I know I am missing some photo updates of its progress. I have been stitching on it, but just not stopped to take photos. My bad.

Hope you've had a great week.

Happy Stitching

11 June 2014

A 'Whooops' week

I wrote a little poem
To tell you about my week,
But the dog ate my pencil
And my pen began to leak.

My oven exploded on Friday,
So I spent a lot of time
Clearing up that awful mess,
The dinner inside it was mine.

The weekend here was very damp,
I really shouldn't complain,
But our river overflowed its banks
And the rain is lashing down again.

I finished up my crochet
And put it on the bed.
The photo turned out purple
But the 'thing' is pinky & red.

I hung the waistcoat on a branch
To get a better shot
But a load of squishy bird poo
Was all I ****** got

So I'm giving up for this post,
I know when I am beat.
I've got seven days to recover
And then everything will be sweet.

So I'll see you all again next week,
(Providing I'm still sane)
To show you all my latest stuff
And hope it wasn't in vain.


04 June 2014

The 'Thingamigig' Doth Groweth

Yes, I am surrounded by squares, and the vest 'thingamigig' is growing.
I love the colours that are mingling together.
It was trial, error and frogging that got it this far.
At first I was stitching back and forth in rows, but the stripes that appeared from this variegated yarn did not appeal to me (I'm not a lover of stripes for my own clothing), hence the creation of squares which made irregular 'patches' of colour which I like, and I have been doing nothing else all week (apart from housework, gardening, cooking etc.)

It is very unusual for me to work on just one project for the whole week.

Will hopefully have it finished by next week.

Hope you have a great week.
Happy Stitching