07 March 2018

Bits of this and that ~~~

Little bits are progressing on a few different projects.

That is a spiral scrumble to be added to a few other scrumbles (ok, LOTS of other scrumbles) to create something -- I don't know what it will be until I have few more of them made, then it will tell me what it wants to be -- a bag, a hat, a garment, a wall hanging, whatever.

Back into drawing again. A quick hand sketch for practice.

The Pilli Pala Dolls House

I don't know how other people have got on constructing this dolls house themselves. The instructions are terrible. The right hand wall of the kitchen is the first piece they tell you to put together, and nowhere does it tell you that the uprights need to be attached with space bellow floor level, hence the 'gap' on mine. I will have to saw that much off the top now and glue it at the bottom. 

All the kitchen walls are up now, and the entrance hall next to the kitchen is almost done.
The checkered floor is a paper sheet that came with the house. Not sure that I like this look,  so I shall probably create some other flooring (and a better quality) than this. 
I think a wood floor would look better - watch this space, lol.

Auditioning some wood strips for flooring. I will remove the bent pieces from this pile first though.

That's my lot for now.
See you in the next post.

Happy Crafting

28 February 2018

Miniature works are fun

Working on small items for the dolls house is so much fun.

This small blanket/afghan for the bed is finished now and on the bed that I have shown you in a previous post. It is crocheted in embroidery threads, and each block is about 1" small. In real life the granny square blanket would be bigger, but as this is for decoration purpose only, I want the underneath bedding to be seen too.

Construction of the house has started at last now that Tony has cut me a base board to work on.
One downstairs room is almost complete.

And the kitchen table was a new start for this week.

Today is an embroiders guild work day and I shall be stitching on the miniature rug.

See you next time with more miniatures

Happy Stitching

14 February 2018

Happy Valentine Day


The only thing I've got to show this week is a broken plate.

Here is my stitched plate.

And here it is broken...... (cut apart)

Then I put glue (stitches) on all the broken edges.

And then stuck (stitched) it back together again.

Close up of repair job, lol.

That was all in the name of experimenting and having fun.

See you next time. 

06 February 2018

Miniature Bed almost complete

Update on my miniature bed - two pillows made, and a crochet blanket.
Now planning a granny square blanket (or something similar) to drape over the foot of the bed.

And in other news - here is the cloth doll with most of her clothes made. Just a few finishing touches to add.

My knitting skills have come on in leaps and bounds this year. Here are two more test patterns that I've tried over the last couple of days.

Woohoo, I'm liking my new craft.

That's all for now.
See you in the next post.

Happy Stitching.

31 January 2018

Bed & Boots

Progress on my miniature bed.
 I have made the mattress and a top and bottom sheet for the double bed. I like the look of it so far.
I've also started on a blanket, but will show that when it's finished.


These booties I made to fit the cloth doll that I started last week. They are about the right size for a new-born baby. So cute.

And a knitted swirly spiral thing-a-me-gig scrumble.
Just to expand my knitting knowledge.

That's all I've got for now.
See you in the next post.

Happy Stitching

23 January 2018

Heat wave addling my brain

I'm trying to remember what I have stitched or created over the past couple of days, lol. 
It's been so hot here lately that it's hard to get my brain into action and remember what I've done.

This is an experimental knitted scrumble for freeform work. Inspired by the KCAL on the FF group in Ravelry.

Cloth doll body pieces cut out and ready for sewing together. 
This might end up as a collaborative group project at sewing group next week if it turns out how I want it to turn out, lol. If not, then it will be a one-off creative doll for me.

I started this miniature rug quite a few years ago, and as I've recently started creating my dolls house, I though it about time that I finished this rug.
It's not part of the doll house kit that is mentioned in other posts here. It is my own design.

I have found the suitable board that I need as a base for my dolls house, and after DH has found his 'round-tuit' and cut it a bit shorter for me, then I can start to build my house, hopefully within a couple of days. Can't wait to get started on that bit.

For those who don't know, I live in New Zealand, and it's summer time here now, and we are in the middle of a heat wave. Rain would be most welcome at the moment.
This is the sunset that we enjoyed at our beach last night.

Wishing you all a colourful, joyful and creative week.

Happy stitching

20 January 2018

The Del Prado Dolls House

The building of the Del Prado House continues.

I thought I'd give you a preview of the house in all it's 125 packages glory.

This is about 90 parts. 
(I found a newish box to put them in as the original boxes from the op shop were dusty and torn and only fit for recycling).

Del Prado are the publishers who brought this set out about 25 (or more) years ago on a fortnightly subscription.

I found 'my' set, complete and with extras, in an op shop 10 years ago but have only just started putting it together (after 3 real house moves and now that all four kids have left home and I have a craft room to work in, lol).

I'm waiting to get to the wood shop to buy a base-board big enough to take the house, and then I shall start the actual house build, but for now I've started on the furniture parts.

Previous posts show the start of the bed, and here it is after the first coat of Antique Green.

Then I used a crackle medium and top coat.
Here it is still drying after the top coat was added. 

It's an antique green undercoat, with a 'Cyra Special Colour' top coat, lol. 
I like to mix my own colours to make a project unique, and also because I know exactly what I want the finished item to look like. I'm fussy like that.

I'm happy with this progress and ready now to make the base and mattress for it.
I am so wanting to dive straight into making the bedding (including a mini crochet blanket) but I'm trying to be good and get the bed itself finished first.

That's all for today.
See you in the next post.

16 January 2018

Pilli Pala mini house & some crochet

Pilli Pala mini house.

I cleared half of my work table ready to start on the 1/12th scale house. 

But after measuring up the approximate size of the house, I found out that this space is way too small. So I've had to clear the other half of the table too, so now the whole table is just for the house build. 

This house comes in kit form. It was first published about 20-25 years ago in fortnightly installments, and there are 125 (I think) parts to it. 
(I forgot to take a photo of the packages, sorry, I'll do that for the next posting).

It's the Del Prado Dolls House. I have the whole set. Each part still sealed in it's original packaging. 
No I did not buy it when it was published many moons ago. I had the great fortune to be in the right place at the right time - my local op shop. There were two old and very worn cardboard packing cases stuck in a dark corner with 'stuff' piled all around them. They were very neglected and in need of a loving new home.
I couldn't believe my luck when the lady said I could have it for $5 (NZ). I actually gave her $15 (all I had on me at the time) as it was the Salvation Army op shop, and I like to support them when I can.

That was about 10 yrs ago. 

My idea was to save the set for when I could allocate some proper time for it in the future.
Well, the 'future' is NOW, lol. 

Sorting through the first 6 parts of the set, I realize that this house is not going to be a top-notch sturdy house like the dolls houses my dad used to make. So I need to find a base board big enough for the house and hopefully it will help to keep everything straight and be an integral part of the build. 
I need to search through our outbuildings tomorrow to see if there is something suitable before I go and purchase something. So the main house build is on hold for now.

Meanwhile, I got started on what is called a Sleigh Bed.
This first pic is the footboard. The laser-cut pieces have to be removed from the sheet of wood, and this is what it looks like.


I don't like the rough and rugged edges, so I gave it a thorough sanding to round off all of the edges.
This is it after sanding.


Much neater. I am happier with this look even though it took a big part of my day to gently sand all of the parts for the bed.

Anyway, on to the painting, 
(it can be stained instead if you wish, but I want a painted bed).
Primer done and drying. Top coat to do tomorrow after another light sanding.


I have finished two 12 inch crochet squares. These are already winging their way across the seas to US, where they will be included in two different afghan blankets for a charity auction.

One blanket called for warm colours, and this is my square for that blanket.
The pattern is Marigold on Ravelry

And the second blanket called for neutral colours, and this is my square for that blanket.
The pattern is Dahlia on Ravelry 
(I do not recommend this pattern for novice crocheters as the pattern isn't easy to understand and I had to 'fudge' my way through it in parts).

So that was my week. Hope you had a good one too.

Happy Crafting

10 January 2018

Tinkering and Sorting

I have been tinkering around with some different crafts this week, and I can show you an angel doll that I'm working on, plus a little bit of an experimental piece that I started as a CKAL.
Bare in mind that I am NOT a knitter. I am only just learning how to do something other than straight lines, lol. So yes, there are slipped stitches, wraps the wrong way around, and gaping holes in places that shouldn't have gaping holes, haha. I am learning by lots of mistakes - but at least I am learning.
This is the year I conquer my fear of knitting.

Woohoo, and lookey here... I actually got to work with 3 needles for the very first time to creat the start of a tree pattern. 
Hubby tells me that I have been muttering swearwords under my breath while doing this, haha.

I have had a lovely sort out in my craft room too.
I have now got a work table cleared and ready to start building my miniature house Pilli Pala.
Hopefully photos of that next week.

Happy Stitching

01 January 2018

2018 Goals & update

Happy New Year  

2018 Goals - my year of 4’s
  • Spend more time with hubby and put the ‘4-second’ rule into action - Did you know that it only takes 4 seconds to look at a person when they talk to you for them to appreciate and recognize that you are taking notice of them and that they are important to you at that moment.
  • Make 4 things for each of my 4 children - I have so many things that my mum and dad made for me, that I treasure, and I want to pass that same love on to my kiddlywinks.
  • Complete the crazy patchwork quilt that I started 4 years ago.
  • Play some more with freeform bobbin lace and weaving.
  • Knitting - I want to learn more than just the basic stitch, and stop being afraid of knitting.
  • Make a start on My NZ Dolls House - aka 'Pilli Pala' - and the furnishings within.
  • Work on 4 of my embroidery WIP’s. I’ll be happy if I get even one of these 4 finished.
That’s my lot….. apart from all the crochet projects that are a part of my ‘normal’ daily life too.


Here are some of the projects that I finished in the last couple of months of 2017 and didn't get to post on here about.

Debra the Zebra Firberart- freeform crochet, bobbin lace, & weaving.

I made my Rock Pool bigger and better, and finished it in time for the Regional Embroiderers Guild show, where it won 1st place in the 3D category.... woohoo... go me.

A decorative freeform crochet box.
I've a YouTube video of it HERE where you can see the whole thing better.

A couple of woolly hats for His'n'Hers' Christmas pressies.
The one on the left is a pony tail beanie.

And this is the beginning of a mandala blanket.

Whatever you do in 2018 make sure you have FUN.

Happy Stitching

28 September 2017

Time for a catch-up

Sometimes when life throws you lemons you just have to make lovely lemonade.

I've had a 'bit' of a busy couple of months (and the next few will be more of the same, lol), but I have still been stitching away whenever possible.

Here is a catch-up on some of the things I have made since my last post here.

Freeform crochet scrumbles. Getting ready to make a headband or hat.

Wet felting. I attended another workshop and made these two flowers.
Stamen embellishments are yet to be added.

Crochet miniature tablecloth, 6 inches long.

02 August 2017

Freeform Weaving Projects

My two Freeform Weaving projects almost completed. 
I'm just sewing in the loose ends and then they will be finished.

A Countryside Garden Scene


& this one is Loosely based on a 
Peacock Feather 

21 June 2017

Fiberart Guild Presentation

The International Freeform Fiberart Guild has one of my fiberarts published in the 2017 book.
The theme this year was Pattern In Nature, and my piece is all about the pattern of life of a Leaf 

The Life Cycle of a Leaf

This is the book cover for 2017, and clicking on it will take you the book sale where you can also see all the other fiberarts too.

There is also an online gallery HERE if you prefer to view the fiberart on their website with larger pics.


I went to a wet-felting class last weekend, and here are the two flowers I made there.

The orange one is huge, and for The Great Opunake Yarn Bomb project later this year.
The black/purple flower is waiting for beads to be added and for another project.

Well, I think that's it for this week.
Be sure to check out the fiberart online show because you will not be disappointed with the eye-candy there. Some wonderfully talented people all over the world.