04 November 2015

A Little Bit of Stitching - Building Blocks

My Building Blocks Quilt has had quite a few more 'bricks' hand stitched to it this week.

Our house is almost empty now. All the packing is done, just need a couple more trips to take it all to the new place.

25 October 2015

And another one bites the dust - PINK block done

YAY..... I've finished this block now.
It's PINK.

I like this one, it has some interesting shapes and seam treatments.

So now I have to await the big move in November when I shall be reunited with my stash to make the next naked block and start embroidering on it.
I shall have to invent a new crafty project to occupy my hands in between packing. ALL my 'stuff' is now out of reach, and I dare not go shopping for more because I'm fed up with packing it all away and out of sight.

And while I'm on the subject of packing --- I was in a dilemma about what to do with this:

It's a lovely piece of furniture, and I love playing on it (a perfect sound). I have been trying to get Tony to agree to keeping it, but it is rather big, bulky, and heavy, and he says we are rapidly running out of storage space. So I have been thinking about giving it away to someone who will love it as much as I do. Maybe the local primary schools could suggest a child or family who could make very good use of it.
Anyway, the problem of what to do with it solved itself yesterday.
I turned it on and started to play a sad tune on what I thought would be my very last time on the lovely organ. After about 3 minutes there was a splutter, a loud fizz, and then an even louder bang, followed by an enormous amount of smoke coming up through the keys.
Yes..... I killed the keyboard.
 How sad.

30 September 2015

CQJP 2015 Purple Block finished

Last week I couldn't find my camera attachment to upload photos.
This week I have found the missing chord/lead/usb thingy (someone put it in my crochet bag and put some crochet leaflets on top of it).

As I have had a great stitching week I am going to cut to the chase and show you the completed Purple Crazy Quilt Block, because, yes, I have completed it.

Please don't ask me what that 'thing' is on the left because I have absolutely no idea. It just developed into that, that.... thing.

And here is the next naked block, hand stitched as per all my blocks this year.

Once this block is finished I cannot make any more until after the end of November, as all my fabrics, and threads are are packed and have already made the trip to the new place.
I'm getting excited about moving now, and can't wait to reunite with my 'stuff'. 
Oh what a lovely adventure awaits me. 
Once we have settled there I plan to write all those books that are in my head, and make all those quilts that need making, and paint all those paintings that are just waiting to be inspired by the scenic location, and crochet all those 'things' that need to be created, and finish all those UFO's.
Haha! famous last words........

23 September 2015

Reflecting on the week

I have been doing just a little bit of stitching - honest.
No photos though as I've lost misplaced my camera usb plug I really hope I haven't accidentally packed it away and sent it to our storage place.

Sorry I missed being here last week, phew what a week. Still packing, packing, packing, and meetings with solicitor, accountant and bank account adviser.
When will it all end? I am so looking forward to going, and relaxing, and sitting in the sun and just stitching full-time. 

Tony was down at our our new place for a couple of days last week sorting 'stuff' out. He says it is soooo quiet there he thinks he might get bored. Not me though, I'm so looking forward to the peace and tranquility. I shall be lost in my own world there, far from the madding crowds (and maddening).

My Purple Crazy quilt block has progressed a bit, and has some of my usual unique seam treatments. I have packed away my sewing machine and fabrics and most of my embroidery threads now. I just have two small baskets with threads in left out by my armchair now. One is the purple threads for my current cq block, and the other is the next colourway (as yet a secret) for the next cq block. I have also stitched the naked block for the next one, as all the fabric has gone into storage now as well, and I needed to have the next block ready for stitching when I finish the purple block.
Just a small case of hand sewing tools, along with the threads, are all that remains in the house now.

My office is packed up (equipment, paperwork, files etc.). My craft room is packed up and all in storage. Most of our clothes have gone, unnecessary furniture has gone. TV & lounge suite are about to be gone. All the cupboards except one are packed and gone.
The house is looking quite bare now.
Roll on November.

02 September 2015

Close-up on the Orange CQ block

Here are some close up photos of my Orange block crazy quilt

The next naked block is ready and waiting for it's thread colour to be chosen.
I just can't decide which colour I want to work with next. It's not that I don't like the next colours, it's just that I have so many ideas and I'm finding it rather difficult to channel my thoughts into one colour.

Hubby & I have an exciting day out tomorrow, so I shall see if I'm inspired by any particular colour on our travels.

26 August 2015

Woohoo - I Love Paisley's and Mandala's

Just a quick one-photo post today, as we are in the midst of O.I.S. (Other Important Stuff)

I love Paisley's and Mandala's

I will hopefully get some individual seam photos posted during the week (or next week at the latest).

19 August 2015

How much stitching?

Q - How much stitching did I accomplish during the week?
A - Not a lot.

Just 'arrows' on the left, and circle at the bottom. I'm very disappointed that I didn't get to finish the block this week. 

Major life-changing decisions are so difficult to make, aren't they?
Our plans change so fast with the foreign exchange rate not working in our favour at the moment, but of course nothing in life is easy.

Ah well, onward and (hopefully) upward.

12 August 2015

CQJP progress on Orange block

There is only one word that describes this particular week for me --- BUSY

It's change-over week for ownership of our Auckland farm property, and that means lots of visits and meetings with professional services people.

This time next week I may be able to sit back and enjoy the sunny days, but for now, it's on with the business at hand.

Where did I find time to stitch? I have no idea, but here ya go, a bit more 'filling' on the Orange block.

31 July 2015

CQJP 2015 - Orange block progress

Orange is the colour for the block this month and
here are some progress photos of the various seam treatments.

More embellishing to come next week.

Happy Stitching

15 July 2015

A Fun Cro-Doodle Project

Cro-Doodle is my way of saying this project is a hybrid.
Crochet inspired by Zen Art Doodles.

There is a group I'm in on Ravelry that threw a challenge at members to create a free form crochet/knit tangle from an animal Zentangle.

I prefer to call my drawing of this style Zen Art Doodles, and proceeded to produce the art work that I will be interpreting in crochet.

I will not reveal the whole drawing until all the crochet is complete, and I will leave the 'animal' as a surprise at the end.

Here is the first small section that I have recreated in crochet so far.

09 July 2015

CQJP - The Green Block

The Green Block on my CQJP is now finished.

Seam treatments and embellishments close-up pics.














End of green, now on to another colour for my next block.... what colour will it be?
Watch this space, lol.

Happy Stitching.