International Free Form Fiberart Guild

Some years ago, when the Internet was new and everyone was on AOL, a group of crocheters found each other. We chatted and shared, learning that we were all fans of something called Freeform Crochet. 
Eventually, we wanted to share with a wider group and ultimately came to Yahoo groups as the International Freeform Crochet Guild,
and the subsequent name change later to the International Free Form Fiberart Guild.

We participated in various group activities, such as swaps and challenges but as the group grew, it became more difficult to coordinate group projects. 
For the last several years (11), the IFFFG has issued an annual Challenge. We propose a theme and people are encouraged to join in interpreting the theme in fiberart as they feel inspired. Photos of their work are exhibited in an online gallery and published in book form.

To date, there have been:
12 Challenges
12 themes
11 books
215 participants


The Official Yahoo Group (to join): Yahoo IFFFG group

Online Gallery: IFFFG

Book Sales: Challenge Books

FaceBook: Facebook IFFFG

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