07 May 2012

TAST Week 18 - Crossed Buttonhole Stitch

TAST Week 18 - Crossed Buttonhole Stitch

First of all I wanted to find out if I could control this stitch going around corners.

(same stitching, a different angle)

Yes, that worked out ok, and I like the different looks you get depending on which way the stitching goes 'around the bend' lol. 

Then I tried a 'stepped' crossed buttonhole row with the long stitch getting longer and the bottom bit of the stitch going diagonally.
I think I might be able to get this this variation of the stitch neater with a bit more practice, and I actually drew guidelines on my fabric for this one, which is something I haven't had to do before.

And then I stitched two straight rows back to back on my crazy quilt block and I really like this formal look. 
I made sure when stitching the second row that I perfectly (or almost perfectly) mirrored the first row.

I think you can tell I enjoyed this stitch. 
I did have some apprehension about the crossed buttonhole when Sharon B first announced it last Tuesday, but I found that inspiration came quickly once I started talking about it to the Tuesday Stitchers.
Actually I rather surprised myself just how fast the inspiration hit me.
Lack of time is the only thing holding me back from experimenting some more, but I shall definitely be using this stitch more often.

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