30 July 2012

TAST - Oyster Stitch - & Crazy Quilt Project

TAST week 30 Oyster Stitch

What a peculiar stitch this was. I had trouble getting the 1st part (the twisted chain) to stay down, but I think I eventually got it to BEHAVE enough for a fairly unison finish.

Here is the Oyster Stitch on my CQJP block for July.
Coton A Broder 16 in black on the left and white on the right of this seam.

And here is a little "playtime fun" on my Stitch Journal page
Love these scallops or swags.

And a flower burst

This is my Stitch Journal page for the last month or two.
Not all the stitches are on here as I did some of them straight on to my CQJP without trialing them first, but I shall probably add them to the Stitch Journal at a later date as I want them all together in one place.

CQJP July Block WIP

I have been gradually adding seam treatments and embellishment to the July Crazy Quilt block, and working through some problem areas with it.

Remember this from last week
Well, I didn't like it so I frogged it...... rippit, rippit,rippit.

And in it's place is this....
I'm not sure what it is meant to be haha.... but it was fun to do and it's staying.
It's possible that I got a little bit influenced by the Olympics. 

The crocheted trim that I added last week has had it's ribbon embellishment added, and I used a tiny cross-stitch in a light green metallic thread to anchor the ribbon in place rather than weaving the ribbon like I first intended.
As usual though, the metallic thread does not photograph well.
I wanted this trim to have a gentle and delicate look, as there are already too many 'chunky' seams on the block.

One more freeform stitched seam this week is this one that is not finished yet. I'm not going to think about what it needs yet, just have to wait and see what happens on the end of my needle on the day it gets it's topping.

Lots of beads to be added to the July block over the next couple of days hopefully, and then it will be finished before next weekends reveal.

I hope you have a great stitching week ahead.
Bye for now.

Happy Stitching

23 July 2012

This weeks journey - TAST week29 & CQJP

My journey this week took be down memory lane as I used the thread that I had found at the bottom of a bag (see previous post for the discovery of the treasure).

And I turned it from this.............

to this..............

Personally, I think it is beautiful, but I am probably a bit biased about it.
It's like planting a twig that grows into a beautiful tree.
It is such soft thread that I might use it for a special crochet piece later. 

Anyway, that was my TAST Week 29 - Basque Stitch on my stitch journal.
And here it is on my CQJP block for July.

Six strands of cotton floss in pale aqua, and reversed in lilac silk ribbon.
Not sure if the long and short twisted chain part worked to create a wavy line. I may have ruined it with the beads. I might frog the beads as it was better before I added them.

I also made a crochet trim for this block. It is meant to have a ribbon or cord woven along it, but I haven't done that part yet as I'm undecided what to use, so this is a WIP.

And I've been doodling in the midnight hours again.
A Mandala Clock.

I've had a request from the IFFCG to make two more books for "The Missing Years" of the Freeform Crochet Challenge's that never had books published. Years 2006 & 2007..
I will be starting them in September as I have my current "big project" deadline for the end of August, and that is taking a lot of my time at the moment.

That's all for this week.

Happy Stitching

20 July 2012

Spring Cleaning Halted

Oh Dear.... I am meant to be spring cleaning, but it all came to a sudden halt.

I was clearing out old stuff to make room for a son who is coming home for a break. 
"His' bedroom was being used to store rather a lot of my quilty/crafty/arty stash. Well you can probably guess what happened....lol.

At the bottom of an embroidered bag that I used to take to quilt class, I found
.......(drum roll please)....... 

three skeins of my hand space-dyed cotton thread.

Oh it is so yummy. Almost Pastel rainbow colours. I love it, and can't believe I'd forgotten about it.

It was dyed a few years ago, around the time that I was dyeing everything in sight. When I ran out of fabric to dye I'd pop in socks, threads, trousers, skirts, t-shirts, tablecloths, and whatever else was within my reach, into the dye bath it would go.

Anyway, this thread is so going to get used now. After my hand niddy-noddy action to gather it into more usable balls, and my dear hubby's offering of his feet too hold the skeins (but too late because I'd almost finished by then, but I'll remember that for next time).

I have now stitched a sample of it on my stitch journal cloth, and I am in love.
Photo's will follow soon (don't worry, I won't show you my hubby's feet).

Spring cleaning can wait ..... I'm having some fun.
It's ok, the son that is coming home is the one who once gave me a beautiful china mug that says 
"Only dull women have tidy houses".

That mug still has pride of place on my Welsh dresser.

That's my boy!!!!

16 July 2012

TAST Week 28 & CQJP July

TAST Week 28 - Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch

I had a little 'playtime' with this stitch on my stitch sampler journal page.
I have no idea 'what it is meant to be', but I suppose, being freeform style, it does not have to actually BE anything at all.
Stitching, just for the sheer enjoyment of stitching.

And onto my July CQJP it goes......

One ......

Two .....

Three ......


I finally managed to get my naked block for July made.
 I have a lot of catching up to do on this block if I'm to complete it before the end of July.
So far I have only got the one seam stitched which is the TAST stitch above.
So much to do, so many stitches yet to trial.

And as i forgot to post this last week, here are my six completed blocks so far.

I've just tucked the raw edges underneath for this photo-shoot. There will probably be black(ish) sashing between the blocks. I am still undecided on that yet, and they won't be in this format either.

That's all for this week.

Keep dry, keep safe and Happy Stitching.

13 July 2012

I Maybe Just a Little Crazy

I Maybe Just a Little Crazy...

but here are the photos (that I promised in a previous post) of THAT small crochet doily.

The first three rounds measured only 1cm,

And then I added the ruffle edge.
Total measurement of the finished doily is 2cm.
Next to my thimble to give you a size comparison.

More good things are coming soon.
I might give you a glimpse now and then of the latest project that is 
Rocking My Socks Off.
The final reveal for that project will be 1st Sept. as it's not meant to be seen in whole until the judging is over and done with.

Meanwhile. back to the crazy quilting.

Urgently need to get another block made. 
One block a month means ONE BLOCK A MONTH.
Come on Cy, you can do it. Get your head in gear and get on the job.

Happy Stitching

TAST Week 27 - Bonnet Stitch

TAST Week 27 - Bonnet Stitch

So here is my TAST Bonnet Stitch for week 27. Worked on my hand dyed fabric that will  be made into a stitch sampler book later.
These two rows are worked in different ways. The top row is with the first 'wrap' going OVER the bar then under it from right to left..... and the second row has the 'wrap' first going UNDER the bar from left to right before going over it.

Personally, I prefer the second method. This sample was stitched with no.12 Perle cotton and shows the stitch well.

This next pic is still the Bonnet stitch. An experiment to see if it would work around corners. Took a bit of concentration to get it to look even on all three sides. Almost got it right, but not quite, lol.
Pale blue 'candlewicking' thread used.

The Bonnet Stitch did not inspire me to get creative, but that does not mean I don't like the stitch. I actually found it a rather therapeutic stitch to work, and I will be using it again perhaps with some experimental seam treatments on the crazy quilt.


I have been watching a few friends and their crazy quilts progressing through the months, block by block, and I have been very impressed with how lace doily's have been incorporated in the blocks, so when I saw this pile of crochet and tatted doily's my local charity shop, I knew I had a future use for them.

And this Damask tablecloth...... have now increased my 'embellishing' stash.


Non-existent this week. I've not even got the naked block for July made. Hope to catch up during the week.

Happy Stitching

11 July 2012

A Strange Project

I did a strange thing yesterday.

I crocheted a doily.

Nothing strange about that, I hear you say.

But wait until you hear that I used a size 0.50 crochet hook and one strand of DMC embroidery floss, lol.

As if you needed proof that I am totally mad.

After stitching just 3 rounds, the piece measured just UNDER 1 cm.

I forgot to measure the completed doily with it's ruffled outer edge.
 Will do that later today, and get a photo too.

Did you do something crazy today?

Happy Crazy Stitching

02 July 2012

Announcement of My Special Project

...Announcement of my Special Project...

Many of my visitors here will already know that I have a passion for crochet.
Some of you may also know that I am a member of the International Free Form Crochet Guild.

A link to the Guild is in the right hand column over there > > > > >

Instead of having individual swaps etc (which gets difficult for such a large group to track and coordinate) each year we have one major group challenge which can take many months of planning and creating.

A theme is suggested and voted on. Then members have between 6 - 10 months to design and create their piece interpreting the theme however they are inspired.
Any media may be used but the piece must contain some crochet or knit.

The theme for this year was:  Music & Art 

This meant many things to the members. For some it was an individual piece of music, or a musician that inspired them to create their entry for the challenge. For others it was a painting or an artist that inspired them.

The photo entries are collected and arranged to create a book and an online show.

For the second year running I have been the volunteer who creates the book.
And, because of the fabulous number of members who enter this challenge, this is not a job that can be done overnight. It takes many, many weeks of coordinating, collaboration and Photoshop work to achieve this.

Because we are a "non-profit-making" group, all the profits from the sale of the book goes to the charity (or charities) that the group members have chosen to help for the year of the challenge.

This year the profits will be divided equally between:


The release of the book (publish date) was 1st July, and no member was to post photos of their entry until after this date, so that everyone could see all the entries at the same time. 
The SECRET was so difficult to keep at times, as us crafty lot are a sharing lot too, and it goes against our nature not to "show-&-tell".
But I thank everyone for keeping the SECRET going so well.

Here is the book.

You can click it to go and preview ALL the pages onsite.
Cover photography and design by Cyra Lewis.
All entry photographs are the copyright of the individual artists.

If you would like to see the book I created for the challenge last year here is a direct link to that one.

 The theme for 2011 was: Mythologies, Stories & Fairy Tales

And now the process begins again for the 2013 Challenge.
What fun!

TAST Week 26 - CQJP June

TAST Week 26 - Palestrina Stitch

The green and blue spirals that follow the blue bead line in the middle of this mandala are Palestrina Stitch with a very short "arm" so that the knot is the prominent part.
The pale turquoise outer ring is Whipped Spider Wheel, with straight stitching and V's in dark blue.

And as a seam treatment on my crazy quilt.
The top wavy line is with alternating "arms", and the other three lines are evenly stitched and overlapping each other.

And this Palestrina Stitch experiment could be 'mistaken' for a tree 
(one for you Connie, lol).


I just about managed to get the June block finished in June.

And a couple of close-up shots

I added Fly Stitch to this seam that I started last week.

Lots of lovely texture

And the butterfly of course.

So that is block number six finished. Half way there. Wahoo!!

I have an announcement to make about the completion of a major, and somewhat secret, project that I have been undertaking over the last couple of months.
But you will have to wait until I blog about it tomorrow because I am too tired to think straight right now (aren't I a tease, lol).

Thank you for visiting me. 
Your comments and feedback are most welcome here.

Happy Stitching