16 May 2017

Christmas Trees - Hexies - Baby Blanket

Christmas Trees

I have added the beads decorations to my little Christmas trees on the woven felt hearts, and buttonhole stitched around the hearts.
Just have the hanging ribbons to add before I can call them finished.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Baby Blanket

It's Finished. 
Yay, I have a FO to add to my YOP page.
It's called Neapolitan Ice Cream because it is the Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla ice cream colours of the Neapolitan ice cream blocks that I used to buy when my kids were young.
The pattern for this will be in my Ravelry projects soon.

Hexie Quilt

A few bright greens have been added. 
A LOT more bright greens are yet to be added, lol.

And, a large, fiber related, street art project is in the planning stage for Oct/Nov.
I'm starting to gather the necessary 'bits & pieces' for it.
I hope Tony doesn't want to put the car away in our garage before Nov, lol.

Happy Stitching

10 May 2017

Christmas Hearts

A Christmas Project WIP

In preparation for a Christmas in July group project. 
Everyone gets to make four of these Heart Christmas Tree decorations, and decorate them as they wish. 
I know there are only three here, but that is because my 1st one was used as the demonstration piece to show the group, and I no longer have it. Other members had difficulty putting the hearts together, so I made up most of the 50+ hearts for them to embellish.
These three will have a Blanket stitch edging and beads added to decorate the crocheted tree.

A plain and simple crocheted baby blanket WIP. Not finished yet, but just the border to do now.
Some brainless crochet to do while sitting in the garden enjoying a glass of wine and the last of the sunny days before winter is upon us.

My mothers bobbins sorted out nicely.

Happy Stitching

03 May 2017

A few more projects

I have been busy on a few projects lately. Here is a quick run down of them.

An embroidery piece. Two of these made. The pink is crochet, and there will eventually be a bead or two stitched to the middle of it.

The following pic is the beginnings of what I hope will be a dandelion. It's a bit of an experiment.

Celebrating the number 5 for an anniversary in one of the groups on Ravelry. 
Just for fun.
1. 5 colours x 5 stitches wide x 5 rows.
2. 5 colours x 5 different stitches x 5 sides (pentagon).
3. 5 threads x 5 foundation ch. x 5 sc.
4. 5 colours x 5 puffs x 5 bead stitches.
5. Multiple of 5 foundation x increase every 5th st.

Sorting out my mothers bobbins. Three piles like this. This stack is now untangled and sorted into order. I'll show the sorted photo when I have done all of them.

My mini HEX quilt has progressed a little bit with the blue, black, green and purple rounds added.

The ANZAC day dawn service.
We walked to the town hall and followed the pipes and drums band to the cenotaph and monument.
What an emotional event that was.
When the bugle played and then the silence, apart from the crashing waves on the beach below us.
It really brought it all home.
That 'just-after-dawn' moment.

And a stroll along our Opunake beach yesterday.

Quite an eventful and productive couple of weeks.

Happy Stitching