24 September 2012

Playing Catchup - TAST - CQJP

Playing Catchup with TAST & CQJP

This week we had Drizzle Stitch as the stitch of the week in TAST (Take-A-Stitch-Tuesday)

My piece has longer 'drizzles' in the centre, and ending with short 'drizzles' on the outside.
This gave a lovely domed effect to this item, which shall (eventually) be made into something like a Scissor Fob, a brooch, or a pendant. I'm not sure which yet, but I'll keep my options open for now.

Crazy Quilt Journal Project
CQJP August Block (yes I'm late with it)

I have (at last) finished my August block, but it looks like I forgot to take photos of the completed thing because I can't find them in my files (another of those senior moments).

I do have a few update photos of work I have done on this block through the week, so you will have to 'make do' with those, and just hope I remember to take  more photos before next weekend.

There seems to have been a strong Mandala Theme going on this week in my stitcheries, lol.'

CQJP September Block
Oh Yeah!!! 

Doing a happy dance that I actually managed to get my September Naked Block stitched before I run out of September days.
That does not mean that it will be completed in September, but at least it started was in September.

So that's me all stitched for this week's reveal of work.

I have been back at my art stuff too, but that's a whole 'nother story and a different blog.

Happy Stitching

17 September 2012

August CQJP block progress

I think I am finally getting back to some sort of normality here. 
It has definitely been a busy couple of months. 
My projects for the Arts Festival made the deadline

I have caught up with the TAST stitches, but I have not yet completed my August CQJP, but progress on that block is coming along nicely. Just a few more beads to add, and one more seam needs embellishing.
So the end is in sight. Hopefully will have it finished by next weekend.

So here are the photos of my TAST catch-up stitches. All these are on the August CQJP block.

This one is Pistil Stitch around a Shisha mirror.

Pistil Stitch to couch a ribbon embellishment.

And here is the Sheaf Stitch.

The following pics are varying seam treatments on the August CQJP.

I'm looking forward to another stitching busy week ahead.

Happy Stitching

03 September 2012

A Rock Pool in a Fish Bowl

Warning - photo intensive post

..A Rock Pool in a Fish Bowl..

The Rock Pool Colony consists of heavily encrusted embroidery, hyperbolic crochet, and plenty of bead-work, on a very textured surface.

The actual stitched work is almost 12 inches across. The fish bowl is 17 inches wide.

It took over 270 hours to complete.

Here are some photos from many different angles.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Please leave a comment below as I would love to know what part, or parts, of my Rock Pool you enjoyed most.

Happy Stitching