23 January 2017

Crochet and Roses

Two 6" blocks finished for my BAMCAL blanket.

And that is all I can show you of my stitching week!
Other 'things' are being made but I still can't show those at the moment.

I've been doing a fair bit of gardening earlier this week, and here is a lovely bunch of roses trying to peer in my lounge window. 

I'm so glad I took this photo a couple of days ago because we have just had about 48 hours of strong winds and heavy rain, and these poor flowers do not look like this any more.

16 January 2017

BAM 2017 - January so far

I thought I'd show you a couple more pics of Bertha Bling this week.
To read her story go here

And she has been featured, along with some of her kin, 
on the Laughing Purple Goldfish site.


Another block has been made for my Blues afghan.

This block started off as the circle design from a book (Granny Squares & Shapes by Susan Pinner), but it was a circle, so I modified it to be a square.
And here's how my 3 (so far) January blocks are looking together.
I'm not joining them together until I have made them all, and at the moment, I don't know how many I shall be making... as this is meant to be a stash busting project it just depends on when I run out of blue yarn I suppose.

I'm quite pleased that I have January off to a good start. 

I have also made two more blocks in a different colourway, but I cannot show them here yet.

Onwards and upwards.

Happy Stitching.


11 January 2017

(Batty) Bertha Bling

Say hello to Bertha Bling, better known to her closest friends as 'Batty'.

The Ravelry Freeform groups January challenge brief was to create your Inner Beast using a magic ball of yarn. A pattern was provided by one of our members. As this was a Freeform challenge it was expected that the pattern would be used as a starting point, or spring board, to create our own Inner Beasts. Many of the resulting Inner Beasts are hilariously unique. Pop over to the Ravelry Project board to see them, and more Inner Beasts are still being created as some members are having so much fun with this they are creating a whole family of Inner Beasts, lol.
Inner Beast Project Board. (You have to be a member on Ravelry to view this link.)

I started with the pattern instructions for the body, but freeform took over just as I reached the leg holes.
What happened then I can only describe as innovative.
A bit of a Budha style tummy, and other curvy body shapes, appeared. She had driven her way into my head and was creating herself.
She is 16” tall in a siting position, and 27” from toe to crown.
Half woman / half beast. She occupies her days by creating havoc and laughing very loud. In just the nine days that I have known her she has kicked over my water glass twice, hidden the back door key, left a tap running in the bathroom, tipped a box of my yarns over, worst of all, left a hand/claw print in the un-set jelly.
Her name is Bertha Bling but her friends affectionately call her Batty for short.
She is by far the craziest woman, or beast, that has ever come to live in my house (although my family would argue that I’m almost at the top of the crazy list).
Other things that have been made this week:
Moody Blue 12" square - designed by Helen Shrimpton

and Efflorescent Window - designed by Laurie O. Campbell.
These are 6" squares that may, or may not, be joined together to make another block. I'm undecided whether to use them as individuals or not. They need another round of stitches to get them to the 6", but I'm waiting to see what other 6" blocks I make first.

Happy Stitching

02 January 2017


Oh boy....... I've done it again..... started lots of projects.

And just in case the title of this blog is reading like a foreign language to you, let me translate it for you here.

BAMCAL = Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long
YOP = Year Of Projects
FO's = Finished Objects
AYIS - A Year In Stitch
MYIS - My Year In Stitches

2017 BAMCAL is a Ravelry group in which we are given a choice of 3 blocks each month to crochet as we wish for our chosen project. I am going to see if I find enough time to do all 3 blocks, as I would like to make at least two afghans and a tunic/poncho.
My first 12" block is finished - Floral Kaleidoscope Afghan Square by Julie King.
I am using yarn from my stash for this project.


While I'm showing you FO's, here is a Free Form Ball that I finished for a CAL in another Ravelry group. 


A Year In Stitches is all about making stitches every day for a year and in a random, freeform style.
I have chosen a colourful printed fabric to randomly embellish with stitches.

And here is the start - Day 1 stitches.
Just a little bit more each day.


My Year In Stitches is a different project. It still incorporates a little bit of stitching each day, but this one is slightly more organized. It started off life as a patchwork wall hanging that I made a few years ago.... but.... I never really liked it the way it was, so I have decided to spruce it up with a whole heap of stitching to make it more appealing to me, and hopefully, I'll enjoy it enough when it's finished to actually hang it up instead of hiding it in a box.
The green stems are what I have stitched today, and there are quite a lot more of them to stitch too, so I might not share photos again until I get onto something more interesting to see.


This has been another YOP blog post.

Happy New Year to you all, and Happy Stitching.