21 May 2012

TAST Week 20 - CQJP May WIP

TAST Week 20 - Bullion Knot

I was dreading the appearance of this stitch in TAST. I have never managed to get it anything near right in the past. I just had too many fingers and thumbs getting in the way of my wraps, and no amount of adjusting would get the knot to stay in place without unraveling itself.

So, good old Percy (perseverance) stepped in to help me overcome my fear of this stitch.

The light brown thread of the bullion knots in this 1st pic was a very stupid choice for me to trial the stitch.
Not only is it one of the thinnest threads I've got, making it very difficult to hold and wrap etc., it is also the wrong colour to show up on that seam, and it has ended up rather insignificant.
After all the struggle and effort of learning the bullion I wanted it to have a bit more 'umph' than that. It is so tiny even the camera had trouble finding it.

After that mis-adventure I picked up cotton floss and used all 6 strands to make a repeating pattern. It could be clamshells, bow-tie or duck feet (haha) take your pick.
I'm still not happy with the evenness of the knots, but hey, at least it's not unwrapping now.

And just when I thought I was done with the bullion knot stitch, up pops a thought that I could add big textured flowers to the bright cushion I'm making for my mum.
Now this is more like it. It's a lot easier with wool.
Two and a half big pink bullion knot flowers.

So it looks like I might have finally managed a half-decent bullion knot at last.


This is the naked block I have made for May, and I have started on some seams with the bullion knot (above) on it this week.

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