31 July 2013

Creatively Inspired Mixture

I have had a gloriously creative week.

It started with little bits of needle felting ....... like this.......

and this .................

All just for some fun coloured backgrounds that I can use for some other stitching projects later on. Not planned what projects they are yet, but my creative muse is thinking on it.

Then for a couple of days I stitched crochet motifs to add to my collection for the Free Form Coffee & Cream Bolero.

These are fun to do. Mostly just created from my imagination, or from inspiration pics on Pinterest etc. and creating something similar, or from adapting patterns to suit my needs. 

And then...... what bright spark let me loose in the yarn shop?

.......which just so happens to be the fabric shop as well......
which had an inspirational Christmas quilt hanging in the window.


And......... I just HAD to have this........

Isn't it beautiful.

I can hear a Rhapsody Quilt .........  Can you?

Happy Stitching

24 July 2013

Hexagon Quilt and Crochet Along

Sorry I missed doing a blog last week.
 After visiting our solicitor about the land we are about to purchase he informed us about a possible problem with the land titles. So we put the site visit on hold while we researched and contacted people 'in the know' about it.
It all boils down to one word "interim". 
I'll not bore you with the details, but the outcome is that the original land titles records were lost in the 1930/40's when Napier was hit with an earthquake.
The outcome is good though. All is well with our titles, and we can continue with our land purchase. Phew.....for a moment there I thought I had lost my dream home.

Anyway, back on topic now.

Hexagon Quilt

The week before last I was making more hexagons to add to my hexagon quilt. This seems to be a favourite with one of my boys but it was meant to be for my bed in our new home. We'll have to wait till it's finished and fight it out then, lol.

Here are the hexagons I did last this week

And here they are added to the hexagons I did last month.

I still have rather a lot more hexagons to put together yet. This is the pile waiting to be done.

Crochet Along

I have run out of the pastel coloured yarns for the crochet along squares I was doing. So until I can manage a visit to the yarn shop I have started a new project with the crochet cottons that I have in abundance here. If I were to crochet for 12 hours a day every day I probably wouldn't run out of crochet cotton until about the year 2050.

 You will notice I am back to Free Form mode again with this. It's going to be a freeform bolero/waistcoat type of thing. If you can see inside my head you will see the picture of it. hahaha.

So this is what I have created this week. 

Coffee and Cream Bolero.

That's me done for this week. 
Wayhay...... back to the freeform crocheting and the hexagon quilting. 

Oh, by the way, just thought you might like to see what else I have done this week purely for pleasure.

Picking oranges from our orchard to add thick slices to my glass of Southern Comfort.

(that bottle is now almost empty)

It has been a fantastic week.

Happy Stitching

10 July 2013

Crochet Along - Squares

I'm averaging one crochet square a day at the moment, but that will all change from tomorrow as I am back into 'busy-as-a-bee' mode with finalizing the deal with our new property (solicitor appointments, real estate agents etc.) and we will be taking yet another 6 hour journey to the property for some more site visitor appointments. 
This time next year we will have our dream home (I hope).  Exciting stuff!

Here are the new crochet squares for this week.
Some I have taken from the book - 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton - and some I made up as I went along because I need a challenge every now and then.
Photos are taken while I have them pinned out for blocking.

And two half-squares just to use up the left-over ends.

I may be missing next week while we are away, but I'll be here in spirit.

Happy Stitching

03 July 2013

Crazy Mandala Quilt and the Crochet-Along Project

 The Crazy Mandala Quilt 

This week I have returned to stitching a little bit more on my Mandala Quilt to give these guys their black coats.

I only managed to get two of the twelve done, but any progress on it is good progress and closer to finishing it.

 Crochet Along (CAL) 

I am taking part in a Crochet Along with a lovely group of ladies over 
We are all stitching different projects and a couple of us are crocheting squares to make into afghans or something else.
I wanted to do something different from the 3D 'flowers' that I have been making a lot of recently, so I opted for squares with a geometric pattern.
I'm not sure if the final item will be an afghan, a bag, a wrap or jacket yet. I'll decide later on when I have made a few more squares. 
At the moment I am just enjoying the relaxing crocheting without having to 'think' too much about the stitching.
I must admit though..... I'm not sure about how many more squares I can make before my FREE-FORM brain decides its had enough of regular, methodical, formal crochet
I have only made 5 squares and 2 half-squares so far, and I'm already feeling the restriction of the project.
I have a sneaking feeling that I am about to 'break free' of my CHAINS........... hahahaha
(pun intended, lol)

Anyway, here are my squares so far.

Bobble Arrows

Cluster Cross

A Battenburg Half-Square

A Battenburg Half-Square Stripe

Pastel Windows

Corner Stone Square 

Geometric - yes
Pastel - yes
Easy - yes
Relaxing - yes
Stash Busting - yes

Happy Stitching