14 May 2012

My CQJP Block for April

My CQJP Block for April

I am so pleased that I have now finished my April CQJP block.

And because I know you all love close up pics of the seam stitching here follows the seam treatment close-up photos each with a note about the stitching.

TAST week 19 - The Half Chevron stitched in two rows with a 'lozenge' shape back stitch in darker blue and a metallic thread Star cross stitched in the middle of each lozenge.

The Basque stitch is a chain stitch variation and was done last week. This week I added the Ribbon Embroidery blue flowers (possibly tulips?), the Fly Stitch 'stalks' and the beaded tops.

Three different techniques combined on this seam.
Bottom black line is back stitch. Lilac middle bit is Raised Buttonhole. Then silver and turquoise beaded semi-circles added to the top.

Mexican Wave stitch and a beaded edge.

The beaded zig-zag added to last weeks ribbon seam.

White beads added to last weeks Crossed Buttonhole (Blanket stitch)

Not sure whether to call these beads or buttons, but whatever they are it is lovely.
They are acrylic and see-thru with a 'glass millefiori' (sp?) look to the flower in the middle.

I added a row of silver (metal) chain to either side of my wrapped chevron for something a little different and unique.

The sage green braided chain from last week also got some more stitching added to it.
The purple thread is a wrapped back stitch with a pale lilac back stitch outside of that.
The irregular turquoise beads are held down with lengths of crystal seed beads.

I love how this Mandala just grew itself here.
The variegated green is raised buttonhole on a spider wheel.
Lime green is French Knots.
Pale blue variegated is two rounds offset Half Chevrons
Aqua bugle beads and silver seed beads
I was rather surprised that the round of beads fitted the mandala perfectly without having to 'jiggle' the spacing at all. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

And here is my butterfly for this block.
I hope I can carry on inventing "new species" of butterflies to complete my 12 blocks by the end of this year.

I give you an angled shot of the block here so you can see the textures of the beads and stitches, and also see the crocheted ruffle better.

Well that was a fun stitching week for me.

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