27 August 2012

TAST 33 & 34 - CQJP August block

I didn't get to post last weeks TAST - Pekinese stitch (week 33)
so here it is.
Two rows, mirror image.

And this week is TAST week 34 - Linked Double Chain
I tried three variations on my stitch journal cloth.

CQJP August block

I am a little bit behind on this block as I have given stitching priority to another major project again this month.
The deadline for that project is tomorrow, so I shall be able to get back on track with this block again soon.

But I did get the crochet trim done.
Always happy when crocheting.

Happy Stitching

13 August 2012

TAST Week 32 - Cast On Stitch + other stitching

..TAST Week 32 - Cast On Stitch..

I must have had a premonition about this stitch because I actually looked up how to do it on Monday and started practicing it even before Sharon announced it as the TAST stitch for this week.
Sometimes I just amaze myself, lol.........

Cast-On Stitch - freeform style.
I like this stitch.

And a little cluster of Cast-On's

And I have also stitched some more Algerian Eye which was last weeks featured stitch.

CQJP August - The Naked Block

I also managed to get my naked block for August stitched together.
I actually like the large scroll fabric wedge towards the bottom, and I am half way through stitching a very nice crochet piece for that long seam.
While I was crocheting I was thinking how lovely it would be to create a whole Crazy Quilt with only crochet trims and doily's that I make myself (I love to crochet). That sounds like a BIG project. I wonder if I should start planning it for next year's main project. Crocheting small trims etc. is an excellent project that can be done while touring with the caravan (which is planned for late next year too).

So that was my week of stitching.
Hope you had a great week too.

Happy Stitching

Inspiration Photography Therapy

Inspiration Photography Therapy

I've decided to start a photography section on this blog, hopefully once a week I shall post my inspirational photos.

I find photographs very inspiring for my creative projects and I am always grateful for the photographs that I see when I'm browsing around this Internetical Whizzy Thing.
So I'm going to add my own pics to the WWW and hope to inspire other people, and as my way of thanking others for the photos that they share with me.

This weekend we had a little break in the weather. Enough for me to wander the garden and admire the hardy flora and fauna that survived our winter (I'm in New Zealand and we are just getting to the end of our winter in August).

This year I've noticed that the Bumbles who visit our garden are bigger.

Bee heaven, lol.

The flowers are bright.

The succulents are thriving well next to the house, where they enjoy the heat that the bricks retain.

Lichen is not to every-bodies liking, but I love the stark growth on these branches.

Remember the break in the weather that I mentioned above .... well this is what it looked like towards the end of the day ..

  The Lewis Cloud Appreciation Society  
has it's headquarters at our house.

Hope you enjoyed the photography tour.

05 August 2012

Crazy Quilt Journal Project - July Block

Warning - Photo intensive post

...Crazy Quilt Journal Project.. - ..My July Block...

I am very happy to have the seventh block finished. 

And here are some of the highlights from this block.

Silk Ribbon embroidered flowers with leaves and beads.

A Mandala Motif .
Detached Chains with a French Knot to anchor it. Pistil Stitch (purple).

Chains have been added to my 'flower pots' from last week.

Tubular petals for this half flower.

Silver Scrolls.

I added beads to this oyster stitch seam from last week.

Love this simple seam.
The blue is Buttonhole bars and then added the white beads.

A very small amount of Algerian Eye stitch.
This is the TAST stitch for this week, and I shall have to play some more with it on my August block as I haven't really done it justice this week, but I still like this little 'starburst' shown here.

And not forgetting my butterfly of the month in the central patch.

And here are some extra eye-candy views to show the texture at different angles.

Well, that was quite a lot of work for the month.
Seven blocks down.....five to go.
Slowly getting there.

Happy Stitching

02 August 2012

Zendala Mandala - Tutorial

 Zentangle is a Registered Trade Mark and created by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas.

For the Zentangle Zealots

Two Easy Ways to Create a Mandala
an Art Tutorial by Cyra Lewis

I will be posting a YouTube video for another Mandala technique soon.
Don't forget to subscribe to my blog if you want notice of when it has gone 'live'.

Zendala One
Start with two pieces of paper in different colours.

Cut a circle from one colour,

Fold it in half.

Then into quarters.

An finally fold it into eighths.

Use scissors to cut shapes from the folded sides.
(just like making paper snowflakes with the kids at Christmas)

Carefully unfold your paper Mandala.

Using a soft pencil (3B) draw around the Mandala template onto your other piece of paper.
You can use tiny bits of Blue Tack to hold it in place while you draw around it.

Next you draw over the pencil marks with your Pigma pen (or whatever pen you prefer to use)
I got a nice bold line with my 0.5 Pigma.
Now would be a good time to erase any pencil lines still showing.

Then you can have some fun filling in parts of the Mandala with your favourite Tangles.
You can join lines, add more lines and shapes, and tangle whatever bits you like.
Just make sure that you repeat the same action on the mirror image and repeats around the Mandala.

Here is my finished design for this demonstration technique.

Zendala Two

Using the Mandala template that you made in the first technique, use a glue-stick to glue the paper template to another piece of paper of a contrasting colour.
Make sure you get glue-stick on all the edges and points of the cut-outs.

Draw around all the edges with your Pigma pen and then start your tangling on the shapes that appear on the two different coloured parts.

Here is my final Tangling on this technique.
It's a great way to add some colour to your Zentagles.

Please let me know in the comments section below if you enjoyed this tutorial and would like some more.
if you make use of my tutorial, please leave a link to share your 
Mandala - Zentangle - Zendala 

All photos and content are copyright of Cyra Lewis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Please respect the copyright laws.

Happy Zendangling