27 March 2013

12 Crazy Mummies

Haha, don't you just love that title.
It conjures up a lovely scene in my head..... and talking of heads (crazy ones mind you) ... I 'walked' into a tree today, head first. 

Ok, straight into stitch talk now.

Here are my 12 Crazy Quilt blocks in the Mummy shapes.


Done and dusted......(no I haven't been doing any more housework).

I have just decided.......after seeing the photos here (above)...... and as I have not used the traditional black fabric for the background (traditional for stained Rose window quilts)......

..... this quilt is from now on going to be called my 
 Crazy Mandala Quilt
You know I love Mandala's...... and now I KNOW where this quilt is going.

Isn't it a great feeling when creative projects start to evolve of their own accord.

Happy Stitching

20 March 2013

About Housework & Stitching

Stitching or Housework?
It's a dilemma, I know. 
Yes I am guilty of letting the housework lapse because
 I just HAVE to finish.....  >enter your project here<

.......this crazy quilt block
.....or that embroidered part on the 'other' project
.....or another couple of rows of crochet
.....or read another chapter or two of this gripping novel

I digress.

Over the weekend I have suddenly that discovered that not only do I need to be in the right frame of mind for stitching, I actually NEED to be in the right physical place as well. 
Is that weird?

This is how I found that eureka moment.
My hubby has suffered with back problems for quite a few years. 
Late last year he discovered that sitting on MY arm chair helped ease his back pain, and so he claimed my chair as his.
I don't mind giving up my chair at all, anything to ease his pain is ok with me.
But this weekend, while I was doing the housework, I changed all the chairs around so that my, new chair, is where my old one was by the French window, which is where he has been sitting ever since taking over my good chair.
What a remarkable difference it has made to my stitching in just a few days. I am back to being enthusiastic about it and have a much clearer idea of what I want to stitch (I have been in a bit of a muddle this year over stitching). I hadn't realized that moving to another chair in another part of the lounge room had dulled a part of my stitching enthusiasm.

So, since my spring cleaning  housework on Sunday, and changing the furniture around, here are some stitching progress photos.

My CHANCE project - Free Form at it's finest

The roll of a dice, and toss of a coin, choose what I do, what colour I use, what shape it is, and where it goes.
I was meant to be using the TAST stitches for this, but have not incorporate them in these pieces......yet.

Chance #2

Chance #3 

Chance #4 

The Stained Glass Rose Window is double what it was last week.
I now have six 'bits' sewn up, which is a half of the complete Rose window shape.

I have also been crocheting for the IFFCG challenge. A project that is to be completed sometime in May, but must not be shown online until the final show is published.
I will share that piece when THE SHOW goes public.

Happy Stitching

18 March 2013

Blog Lovin now

If you are using Google Reader to follow your favourite blogs, you will know that it is closing soon.
I am giving BlogLovin a try to take it's place. 
I hope you will continue to follow my blog, no matter what Reader you choose.

Hugs to all.

11 March 2013

Three Minimal Crazy Blocks done.

Another week has come and gone. 

My Embroidered Chance project has progressed just a little bit, but I forgot to take photos, sorry.

I have also been working on the crazy quilt 'mummy' shapes.

I will not keep you in suspenders  suspense any longer on this project.

After ripping out all the hand stitching that I did on two blocks because they were rather

over embellished 

for my liking, 

and I really wanted minimal, 

here is what I have done to them this week,

and a third block for good measure.

This is more what I had in mind, lol.

Let the fabrics and the colour do the feature thing,

not the stitches.

Happy Stitching

p.s.  Just in case any of you are 'eagle-eyed' perfectionists and notice the seam that I missed stitching the machine embroidery onto, I have since stitched the 'offending' seam after taking this photo.

04 March 2013

I Am Not Lost.....

After last weeks 'snafu' moment on the sarcophagus shapes, I came to a full-stop on that project just while I revisit what I had in mind for it. I had gone the wrong way, and now I have to find my way again, lol.

I am reminded of a statement I once made to hubby :-

    "I am not lost, I just went the wrong way"    

.... and that is so true for this project.

So, on to other things for this week.

I needed to JUST STITCH ANYTHING to take my off the 'other' project, and preferably not follow a pattern or need anything too 'taxing' for my brain at this moment.
A crochet knee-rug developed and was great for just letting the mind wander for a couple of days.

And here is a test piece of a possible art quilt in the designing stage. 

Happy Stitching