27 September 2016

A bit of fun stitching

I've managed to get quite a bit of stitching done on some fun projects over the week, so here are my current project photos.

Completed Band 1 of the Embroidery Sampler.
The blue and purple are the additions this week.

And a childs cheerful crochet Beanie Beret of my own design.

Also, a little update on the Party At My Place Quilt. Two more 'building blocks' added.

And some progress on a baby blanket that somebody else made, but I am repairing and joining the remaining circles.

So that was my stitchery week.
I have a lovely variety of projects still on the go.
I have a quilt wall hanging to finish off over the next few weeks, and the white circles baby blanket must get finished soon too, as the new baby it is for is due in October.

Hope you all have a great week ahead.
Happy Stitching

This has been another Year Of Projects post.

12 September 2016

New Leaf Freeform Project

Last week I showed you the flower scrumbles that were the start of this New Leaf Project.
This week I have made a good start on the 'greenery' background to this project.
I warped up my rigid heddle loom with a coarse random variegated yarn, and now I'm on the fun part.
The weaving, so far, consists of 'normal' loom weaving using the heddle and shed, and I'm also using needle weaving and various knots in a spontaneous way to create an abstract garden scene.

After viewing this photo on my phone/camera (and here in 2D) I think it could also be interpreted as a country landscape scene, whereas I was imagining it, while making it, as a birds-eye view of a garden, I can now see it's dual perspective.
I shall have to just carry on and see where my muse takes me.

A little bit of stitching has been made on my Crazy Quilt block, but not enough to take a photo.

More tidying/unpacking in my craft studio has given me a much better workspace.

Mid-week, I actually baked two cakes. Not very often I get the urge to make a cake, but I thought I would give Tony a treat now that he is back home again.

Saturday morning just after 10am we had a bit of an earth quake here. It rocked me in my armchair from side to side, and if my cup of tea had been full it would have spilled on the side-table.

A lovely sunny day yesterday saw me in the garden catching up with some weeding around the paths.

That was my week.

Happy Stitching

05 September 2016

Little Bag #2

Little Bag #2 is HOTH (hot off the hook)

A fun and quick project that kept me interested and occupied in between the unpacking of my book boxes, and I'm still re-making some more flat-pack shelves for the craft room, a new arm chair has arrived for that room too (thank you Tony), and he is up in the roof space at the moment getting the aerial wires sorted for the tv. Evidently the junction box thingy that he bought that boosts the satellite signal isn't working.

A new freeform crochet project is in the early planning stage. (New Leaf FFAL on Ravelry)
My thought for this is "Spring is in the air" (it is here is NZ), new life abounds in the gardens, trees are budding up nicely, flowers are emerging, and the Spring hare are having fun in the field behind our garden.
These yarns made the first cut in my grab-box for this project. I'm trying not to include any blue, green or purple in this first part of the project, but I see a pale lilac mohair (bottom right) has crept into the box while I wasn't looking.

Anyway, lots more to do today, so I'm off now to explore more boxes and fill up those shelves.

Happy Stitching