28 May 2012

TAST week 21 - AND.......

TAST Butterfly Chain

The yellow and orange colours seem to be a popular choice with many this week. 
I was going for a rustic look while using this stitch, hence the patches. I think it works good as an applique stitch like this.

And then I used it on ribbon with a variegated thread.


A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do....

My 'other' stitched project for this week was - a Cross Stitch Biscornu pin cushion. Just because I want one (and I have been secretly envious of Angela's Biscornu since she showed us a pic of her workdesk).

The aida is 28ct.
I adapted a basic one-colour chart, and added extra 'bits' to it here and there for this cross stitch piece and made it 'mine'.
I wanted a jewel-like colour scheme to brighten the coffee table next to where I sit and stitch.

At the last local quilt group meeting, we had a chap called Milton, from near Hamilton, come and show us his fabrics. My main focus was on teals and blues for the next part of my CQ project, but I fell in love with this fabric and had to have it too.

Here is a tip to choosing which colours to use for your projects.

Find a fabric in the colours that you like or want, then match your threads (or any embellishments) with the colours in the fabric, and voila, you have a perfect colour scheme for your project.
I use that technique in many of my projects and often the item doesn't actually need the original fabric to be used in the make-up of it, just use the colour scheme. The hard work has already been done for you by the fabric manufacturing companies, haha, I like that.

You can see here that I did use the fabric for the bottom of the Biscornu, but I could easily have used a plain fabric or more of the aida instead.

I shall enjoy using this.

Would you like to see my latest stash purchases, as stated in the above mentioned local quilt group meeting with Milton bringing his mobile shop to us.

(Gotta love the batiks)

The three yellowy fabrics in the middle of the bottom row are for another project, not the current CQ.
The bottom row here is what I bought at the group meeting, and the top row is what I bought the next day from my local quilt shop when I felt guilty that I had purchased all the other stuff from someone else. Go figure the ethics of that one!

So that was MY WEEK.

Happy Stitching


  1. If you use up all of your fabric, save the colors along the selvedge as a reference for a future color scheme. Oftentimes there are colors used in the fabric that we might not think to use but that work really well together.

    1. That is a really good idea. Thank you for that tip Debra.

  2. Love that fabric and hadn't noticed it earlier on your cool biscornu. Looks to me like your quilt group is a "dangerous" place!;)

    1. Haha, yes Judy, it is. The 'plastic' sure gets a good exercise there.