30 May 2012

More V Stitch Explorations

Working with V stitch formations as part of a challenge on the Tuesday Stitchers group
I have been exploring the use of 'V's in combination with other stitches as seam treatments for my current CQJP blocks and for future projects.

Take one row of individual, evenly spaced, V's

Make three more rows inverting the V's as required, and add a running stitch along the two outer edges to create a 'BAND' with a semi-sawtooth edge. 

More embroidery could be added within the band, and beads would look great here too.

This next one in three colours is plain V's but could be enhanced with wrapping or whipping stitches. The V's are overlapping at the top by just one thread hole on the canvas. Another variation would be to overlap more at the tops of the V's.
This stitch process used three needles at the same time a bit like plaiting.

Next I stitched this row of Double Tick V's.

And added buttonhole stitch in various lengths underneath it.
Reminds me of beach huts at Bournemouth.

As an experiment on my May block CQ I added this row of white 'eyelash' fibre to the row of tiny bullions.
Couched down in a plain V formation.
Haha! Looks like I have a 'thing' about beach huts at the moment.

Here is another seam treatment on my May CQ block. 
I have two rows of V's with their horizontal points touching to make squares, and the running stitch straight lines added to the negative spaces make the outside V's an integral part of the design. 
I love negative spaces.

So many more variations are in my head and are just so eager to get onto fabric, but I have to stop to eat or sleep sometime.

That's all for now.

Happy Stitching

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  1. You did some really interesting variations, Cy. How'd you manage to corral the eyelash yarn? It makes me crazy when I try to knit with it! Your stitching really makes it look like you've combed the lashes or something. Really does look like white eyelashes. Wish I could have watched you with those 3 needles! Love that seam!