23 July 2012

This weeks journey - TAST week29 & CQJP

My journey this week took be down memory lane as I used the thread that I had found at the bottom of a bag (see previous post for the discovery of the treasure).

And I turned it from this.............

to this..............

Personally, I think it is beautiful, but I am probably a bit biased about it.
It's like planting a twig that grows into a beautiful tree.
It is such soft thread that I might use it for a special crochet piece later. 

Anyway, that was my TAST Week 29 - Basque Stitch on my stitch journal.
And here it is on my CQJP block for July.

Six strands of cotton floss in pale aqua, and reversed in lilac silk ribbon.
Not sure if the long and short twisted chain part worked to create a wavy line. I may have ruined it with the beads. I might frog the beads as it was better before I added them.

I also made a crochet trim for this block. It is meant to have a ribbon or cord woven along it, but I haven't done that part yet as I'm undecided what to use, so this is a WIP.

And I've been doodling in the midnight hours again.
A Mandala Clock.

I've had a request from the IFFCG to make two more books for "The Missing Years" of the Freeform Crochet Challenge's that never had books published. Years 2006 & 2007..
I will be starting them in September as I have my current "big project" deadline for the end of August, and that is taking a lot of my time at the moment.

That's all for this week.

Happy Stitching

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