02 July 2012

TAST Week 26 - CQJP June

TAST Week 26 - Palestrina Stitch

The green and blue spirals that follow the blue bead line in the middle of this mandala are Palestrina Stitch with a very short "arm" so that the knot is the prominent part.
The pale turquoise outer ring is Whipped Spider Wheel, with straight stitching and V's in dark blue.

And as a seam treatment on my crazy quilt.
The top wavy line is with alternating "arms", and the other three lines are evenly stitched and overlapping each other.

And this Palestrina Stitch experiment could be 'mistaken' for a tree 
(one for you Connie, lol).


I just about managed to get the June block finished in June.

And a couple of close-up shots

I added Fly Stitch to this seam that I started last week.

Lots of lovely texture

And the butterfly of course.

So that is block number six finished. Half way there. Wahoo!!

I have an announcement to make about the completion of a major, and somewhat secret, project that I have been undertaking over the last couple of months.
But you will have to wait until I blog about it tomorrow because I am too tired to think straight right now (aren't I a tease, lol).

Thank you for visiting me. 
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Happy Stitching

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