13 July 2012

I Maybe Just a Little Crazy

I Maybe Just a Little Crazy...

but here are the photos (that I promised in a previous post) of THAT small crochet doily.

The first three rounds measured only 1cm,

And then I added the ruffle edge.
Total measurement of the finished doily is 2cm.
Next to my thimble to give you a size comparison.

More good things are coming soon.
I might give you a glimpse now and then of the latest project that is 
Rocking My Socks Off.
The final reveal for that project will be 1st Sept. as it's not meant to be seen in whole until the judging is over and done with.

Meanwhile. back to the crazy quilting.

Urgently need to get another block made. 
One block a month means ONE BLOCK A MONTH.
Come on Cy, you can do it. Get your head in gear and get on the job.

Happy Stitching

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