02 July 2012

Announcement of My Special Project

...Announcement of my Special Project...

Many of my visitors here will already know that I have a passion for crochet.
Some of you may also know that I am a member of the International Free Form Crochet Guild.

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Instead of having individual swaps etc (which gets difficult for such a large group to track and coordinate) each year we have one major group challenge which can take many months of planning and creating.

A theme is suggested and voted on. Then members have between 6 - 10 months to design and create their piece interpreting the theme however they are inspired.
Any media may be used but the piece must contain some crochet or knit.

The theme for this year was:  Music & Art 

This meant many things to the members. For some it was an individual piece of music, or a musician that inspired them to create their entry for the challenge. For others it was a painting or an artist that inspired them.

The photo entries are collected and arranged to create a book and an online show.

For the second year running I have been the volunteer who creates the book.
And, because of the fabulous number of members who enter this challenge, this is not a job that can be done overnight. It takes many, many weeks of coordinating, collaboration and Photoshop work to achieve this.

Because we are a "non-profit-making" group, all the profits from the sale of the book goes to the charity (or charities) that the group members have chosen to help for the year of the challenge.

This year the profits will be divided equally between:


The release of the book (publish date) was 1st July, and no member was to post photos of their entry until after this date, so that everyone could see all the entries at the same time. 
The SECRET was so difficult to keep at times, as us crafty lot are a sharing lot too, and it goes against our nature not to "show-&-tell".
But I thank everyone for keeping the SECRET going so well.

Here is the book.

You can click it to go and preview ALL the pages onsite.
Cover photography and design by Cyra Lewis.
All entry photographs are the copyright of the individual artists.

If you would like to see the book I created for the challenge last year here is a direct link to that one.

 The theme for 2011 was: Mythologies, Stories & Fairy Tales

And now the process begins again for the 2013 Challenge.
What fun!


  1. Such a beautiful book filled with some very remarkable work! Great job editing too! Love it!

  2. Not what I expected, but I am very impressed! There is so much creativity on every page. The book looks great!