20 July 2012

Spring Cleaning Halted

Oh Dear.... I am meant to be spring cleaning, but it all came to a sudden halt.

I was clearing out old stuff to make room for a son who is coming home for a break. 
"His' bedroom was being used to store rather a lot of my quilty/crafty/arty stash. Well you can probably guess what happened....lol.

At the bottom of an embroidered bag that I used to take to quilt class, I found
.......(drum roll please)....... 

three skeins of my hand space-dyed cotton thread.

Oh it is so yummy. Almost Pastel rainbow colours. I love it, and can't believe I'd forgotten about it.

It was dyed a few years ago, around the time that I was dyeing everything in sight. When I ran out of fabric to dye I'd pop in socks, threads, trousers, skirts, t-shirts, tablecloths, and whatever else was within my reach, into the dye bath it would go.

Anyway, this thread is so going to get used now. After my hand niddy-noddy action to gather it into more usable balls, and my dear hubby's offering of his feet too hold the skeins (but too late because I'd almost finished by then, but I'll remember that for next time).

I have now stitched a sample of it on my stitch journal cloth, and I am in love.
Photo's will follow soon (don't worry, I won't show you my hubby's feet).

Spring cleaning can wait ..... I'm having some fun.
It's ok, the son that is coming home is the one who once gave me a beautiful china mug that says 
"Only dull women have tidy houses".

That mug still has pride of place on my Welsh dresser.

That's my boy!!!!


  1. I hope I discover wonderful things next time I do my spring cleaning! Happy stitching.

  2. Anonymous05:58

    Each time I clean out my "stuff" I find things I'd forgotten I had, but this was a terrific find! Cleaning can always be done later. Doing it later means you don't have to do it as often. =)

  3. Clearly, you raised that boy right! Some lucky girl will thank you later too. *wink*