16 July 2012

TAST Week 28 & CQJP July

TAST Week 28 - Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch

I had a little 'playtime' with this stitch on my stitch sampler journal page.
I have no idea 'what it is meant to be', but I suppose, being freeform style, it does not have to actually BE anything at all.
Stitching, just for the sheer enjoyment of stitching.

And onto my July CQJP it goes......

One ......

Two .....

Three ......


I finally managed to get my naked block for July made.
 I have a lot of catching up to do on this block if I'm to complete it before the end of July.
So far I have only got the one seam stitched which is the TAST stitch above.
So much to do, so many stitches yet to trial.

And as i forgot to post this last week, here are my six completed blocks so far.

I've just tucked the raw edges underneath for this photo-shoot. There will probably be black(ish) sashing between the blocks. I am still undecided on that yet, and they won't be in this format either.

That's all for this week.

Keep dry, keep safe and Happy Stitching.

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