07 January 2012

I'm Back. ...Time To Get Stitching

Well, I was a long time absent from blogging due to Christmas not leaving our household until today.

The last of my seasonal guests have now left me clearing up the mess, lol (thanks Emma!!!). The family and friends who spent Christmas and New Year with us had a wonderfully Jolly Season. The hangovers should just about be clearing by now (and there were many of them) and we are almost getting the farm back to normal, whatever 'normal' may mean.
It sure is quiet around the house now. No more cauldrons of food to make at dinner time, no more production line sandwiches for the masses at lunch. The turkey and ham have been consumed, the decorations have been packed in their little and big boxes, the spare bedrooms have been vacated, the tents have been packed up and taken away, and the caravan can surely wait a few days for me to clean it out properly, although I have removed anything from the caravan that could possibly grow life-forms over the next couple of days.

No time to take a breather.... I've got a lot of stitching to catch up with. 

Take A Stitch Tuesday............... here I come ............. watch this space.

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