07 January 2012

TAST Week 1 - Fly Stitch

TAST Week 1 - Fly Stitch

I have decided to do my TAST stitches on 9" x 9" squares of recycled even-weave linen that I have hand dyed. These will then be made into a stitch reference journal and added to throughout the year.

I shall also be using these TAST stitches on my CQJP but my Crazy Quilt blocks will get many other stitches too, because I want to use more than the 4 a month TAST stitches on each block right from block one, so I shall be creating two separate challenge projects. 
  1. TAST - a stitch reference journal book
  2. CQJP - a Crazy Quilt Wall Hanging incorporating some TAST stitches.
I am expecting to get at least 4 weeks of experimenting with TAST stitches on each square, but I may alter that if I get carried away with some stitches.

I shall mostly be using up my stranded cotton thread stash 'left-over' from other projects. It's amazing just how many colours one person can collect, and it's even more amazing how many knots and tangles just suddenly appear in the threads in the bag.
It must be one of life's little mysteries - who puts the knots in the bags?

Anyway - on with TAST 2012.

Here is the first of my hand dyed 9" linen squares before the needle got to it.

And here is a bunch of threads from my stash bag (just a small handful of them).
You can see I tried to keep the threads in order on the project cards, but it seems that someone threw a bunch of knots in the bag too. Ah well, I'll untangle that lot as I get to it.

The purple thread in the following pic is where I randomly started stitching my fly stitch. 
I won't be using a doodle-cloth as my stitching samples will all go straight onto the linen so that I can keep track of any bloopers I make too.

And Finally my "play-piece"................. all my fly stitch samples for TAST 2012 Week 1

Bring on week 2



  1. I certainly don't see any bloopers!

  2. Love the fabric and your thread colors, too!

  3. Bloopers are all part of learning, but I don't see any either. I thought about tearing my stars out but decided to leave them so I would have a reference of what didn't work. Linen should be a great material to do these stitches on!

  4. I love the colours you've used to dye the fabric !
    chris R

  5. I liked the different variations of fly stitch and their usage.

  6. I enjoyed seeing your process, great fabric and nice stitches.


  7. What great backgrounds, and what a fabulous way to use those threads. Your stitches offer me more ideas for thinking!

  8. Beautiful stitching. Love your background fabric.

  9. Your fly stitch work is great! I didn't get started this week due to being out of town for the holidays and cannot wait to get home and start!

    I also want to take a moment to invite you over to my blog to read about a quilt show I am hosting live on my blog beginning Feb 1. The show is called Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too. The show is designed to bring awareness to all of us crazy quilters and the work we do! There are a host of fantastic prizes to be won! Hope you will come check out the information and hopefully participate!


  10. Love seeing your work... to heck with tidy threads!