15 January 2012

BJP - WIP - January

BJP - WIP - January

My shape for this challenge has ended up a Teardrop.
The starting point for this piece is my own hand-made black and gold scroll bead that didn't make it into a necklace in it's own right (poor thing). 
I thought the orange felt background was suitable for showing off both the black and the gold. All other colours that I auditioned had a muted effect on one colour, and I want both colours to stand out equally on this.

And then I started the embellishing with gold beads.
When this pendant is finished it will be heavily encrusted all over and hopefully have the light reflecting off it in all directions. 
The bugle beads semi-circle are in two colours - gold and copper. I think they work well together. The orange background was a good choice here as it enhances the gold and copper beads.

I'm looking forward to working on the next section of it during this coming week. 
Very pleased with the progress made this week.


  1. Cy,
    I really like seeing work in progress. Thanks for sharing. I agree, the orange enhances the piece. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. The orange really works and will make your piece zing. I shy away from orange, but you've made me think again. I've just visited your 'Scrumble Along' site too. I've enjoyed scrumbling since I found Prudence Mapstone's site last year. It's great that you're a BJP member too. I mix scrumbling and beads - freeform anything is fun!

  3. Hi again Cy
    I've just looked at the border you've created for your House scrumble spot and love the gorgeous phoenix. Before visiting your site I had already started to plan my next BJP piece - a phoenix! I can't help but be inspired by your work, but mine will be all beads and based largely on Japanese mythology. I hope you don't mind.

  4. Hi April, thanks for your lovely comments. If you would like a closer look at my phoenix kimono you can see it on my 'main' website - (the 'clown-face' link, in the column on the right)

    The quick link to the kimono post is:

    1. That kimono is something special! It is a wonderful example of how knitting can be lifted to become fibre art.

      I'm delighted Lynn and Robin have followed the link to your scrumbling.

      Thanks also for becoming a follower of Archie.

  5. I would have never put that beautiful bead on orange! But WOW oh WOW does its look great! Thank you for enlightening me on using orange :) Now I'm off to see what this "scrumble" thing is all about.....

  6. This is just amazing! The orange really gives it that pop! WOWZERS!

  7. I'm smitten with the fabrics in your background image! Also, thanks to AprilZ's comment I took a look at scrumbling. Who ever thought of that term was a genius... I've never taken to crochet, but after looking at your scrumbles, I'm ready to go! Oh, yes, and I came here to see your BJP piece... love the shape, the orange and the good start you've already made toward working with beads!

    Robin A.