15 January 2012

TAST Week 2 - Buttonhole (Blanket) Stitch

TAST Week 2 - Buttonhole (Blanket) Stitch

My experimenting with this stitch was good. Tried a couple of new (to me) variations, and I'm well pleased with the result for my journal page.

Stitches include - back-to-back buttonhole, 4 variations of wrapped buttonhole, V-buttohole couching, alternate sides buttohole couching. slanting buttonhole, length pattern, layered and graded buttonhole, outline buttonhole, wheel, ridged buttonhole, bar (or detached) buttonhole.
I have two favourites from above - the orange detached buttonhole flower was great to work on, and the wrapped buttonhole variation on the very left at the bottom of pic has an interesting look to it I think.


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  1. oo back to back button hole is very cool. and I love the wrapped button hole! Marking this one for future use for sure.