20 January 2018

The Del Prado Dolls House

The building of the Del Prado House continues.

I thought I'd give you a preview of the house in all it's 125 packages glory.

This is about 90 parts. 
(I found a newish box to put them in as the original boxes from the op shop were dusty and torn and only fit for recycling).

Del Prado are the publishers who brought this set out about 25 (or more) years ago on a fortnightly subscription.

I found 'my' set, complete and with extras, in an op shop 10 years ago but have only just started putting it together (after 3 real house moves and now that all four kids have left home and I have a craft room to work in, lol).

I'm waiting to get to the wood shop to buy a base-board big enough to take the house, and then I shall start the actual house build, but for now I've started on the furniture parts.

Previous posts show the start of the bed, and here it is after the first coat of Antique Green.

Then I used a crackle medium and top coat.
Here it is still drying after the top coat was added. 

It's an antique green undercoat, with a 'Cyra Special Colour' top coat, lol. 
I like to mix my own colours to make a project unique, and also because I know exactly what I want the finished item to look like. I'm fussy like that.

I'm happy with this progress and ready now to make the base and mattress for it.
I am so wanting to dive straight into making the bedding (including a mini crochet blanket) but I'm trying to be good and get the bed itself finished first.

That's all for today.
See you in the next post.


  1. I think I'd like a big bed that looks like that! Does the kit come with instructions to make the bedding and such or do you have to come up with those on your own?

    1. These kits are very rough and basic things. We are meant to stick a piece of fabric (included) over a thin piece of foam (included) and glue it onto a piece of card (included) which ends up as the whole bedding by folding a bit of the foam over at the top edge so that it 'looks' like pillows. I'm upgrading every bit of this miniature house so that it is a much better quality, more appealing and unique. I would like to make my own pillows, sheets and blankets along with a crochet blanket to personalize my house. I envisage a little bit of lacey goodness too, and maybe a mini patchwork quilt folded up somewhere. I'll see where this journey takes me, lol. And I'm sure I'd love a real life-sized bed like this one day too.

    2. Sounds like the kit I had once - I finished mine as a Santa house - another thing lost to the downsizing over the years. I had forgotten about it until now.