23 January 2018

Heat wave addling my brain

I'm trying to remember what I have stitched or created over the past couple of days, lol. 
It's been so hot here lately that it's hard to get my brain into action and remember what I've done.

This is an experimental knitted scrumble for freeform work. Inspired by the KCAL on the FF group in Ravelry.

Cloth doll body pieces cut out and ready for sewing together. 
This might end up as a collaborative group project at sewing group next week if it turns out how I want it to turn out, lol. If not, then it will be a one-off creative doll for me.

I started this miniature rug quite a few years ago, and as I've recently started creating my dolls house, I though it about time that I finished this rug.
It's not part of the doll house kit that is mentioned in other posts here. It is my own design.

I have found the suitable board that I need as a base for my dolls house, and after DH has found his 'round-tuit' and cut it a bit shorter for me, then I can start to build my house, hopefully within a couple of days. Can't wait to get started on that bit.

For those who don't know, I live in New Zealand, and it's summer time here now, and we are in the middle of a heat wave. Rain would be most welcome at the moment.
This is the sunset that we enjoyed at our beach last night.

Wishing you all a colourful, joyful and creative week.

Happy stitching


  1. It might be hot, but oh that sunset! Magnificent!

  2. Ah, the ever-elusive 'round tuit' - I know it well. Seeing your rug reminded me that I cross-stitched a doll house sized one once....wonder whatever happened to it. Gorgeous sunset - and try to stay cool.