16 January 2018

Pilli Pala mini house & some crochet

Pilli Pala mini house.

I cleared half of my work table ready to start on the 1/12th scale house. 

But after measuring up the approximate size of the house, I found out that this space is way too small. So I've had to clear the other half of the table too, so now the whole table is just for the house build. 

This house comes in kit form. It was first published about 20-25 years ago in fortnightly installments, and there are 125 (I think) parts to it. 
(I forgot to take a photo of the packages, sorry, I'll do that for the next posting).

It's the Del Prado Dolls House. I have the whole set. Each part still sealed in it's original packaging. 
No I did not buy it when it was published many moons ago. I had the great fortune to be in the right place at the right time - my local op shop. There were two old and very worn cardboard packing cases stuck in a dark corner with 'stuff' piled all around them. They were very neglected and in need of a loving new home.
I couldn't believe my luck when the lady said I could have it for $5 (NZ). I actually gave her $15 (all I had on me at the time) as it was the Salvation Army op shop, and I like to support them when I can.

That was about 10 yrs ago. 

My idea was to save the set for when I could allocate some proper time for it in the future.
Well, the 'future' is NOW, lol. 

Sorting through the first 6 parts of the set, I realize that this house is not going to be a top-notch sturdy house like the dolls houses my dad used to make. So I need to find a base board big enough for the house and hopefully it will help to keep everything straight and be an integral part of the build. 
I need to search through our outbuildings tomorrow to see if there is something suitable before I go and purchase something. So the main house build is on hold for now.

Meanwhile, I got started on what is called a Sleigh Bed.
This first pic is the footboard. The laser-cut pieces have to be removed from the sheet of wood, and this is what it looks like.


I don't like the rough and rugged edges, so I gave it a thorough sanding to round off all of the edges.
This is it after sanding.


Much neater. I am happier with this look even though it took a big part of my day to gently sand all of the parts for the bed.

Anyway, on to the painting, 
(it can be stained instead if you wish, but I want a painted bed).
Primer done and drying. Top coat to do tomorrow after another light sanding.


I have finished two 12 inch crochet squares. These are already winging their way across the seas to US, where they will be included in two different afghan blankets for a charity auction.

One blanket called for warm colours, and this is my square for that blanket.
The pattern is Marigold on Ravelry

And the second blanket called for neutral colours, and this is my square for that blanket.
The pattern is Dahlia on Ravelry 
(I do not recommend this pattern for novice crocheters as the pattern isn't easy to understand and I had to 'fudge' my way through it in parts).

So that was my week. Hope you had a good one too.

Happy Crafting


  1. You have a treasure in those doll houses. I am going to enjoy watching you build. I have always wanted to do one so will live precariously through you.

    Lovely squares for charity too.

    1. Thanks Marsha. I'm looking forward to working on this too.

  2. Definitely jealous of your wee house! I had a Georgian mansion built for me many years ago and had grand plans to furnish it and make all sorts of goodies for inside - alas space constraints happened and I had to let it go. I still mourn the loss and would so love to do another. I did make a room box with a sewing room theme and loved it - made it for a gift and stupidly forgot to take any pictures. Will enjoy watching your house come to life.

    1. What a shame you ran out of space for your Georgian mansion. I would love to have seen that project completed. I can finally get cracking on this house build after 3 (real) house moves and all 4 kids have left home, and I've finally got the craft studio that I need lol.