12 June 2013

Retirement Plans (but not much stitching)

Well, it seems like it's been absolutely ages since I've posted, but it has only been about two weeks.

Things are getting a bit frantic here as we explore all the options available to us in doing a 'new build' home in the Central Hawkes Bay area (with a view of the Ruahine Mountain Range).

We spent most of last week there again. It's about a six hour journey to get there, so we try to get as much as possible sorted while we are there.

Bare block site visits take priority, as we need to get the land in our possession first, but we also need to know what prices everything else will be so that we can get everything we want on our block within our budget.

The bare block, or blocks, we are looking at don't even have a formed road, so that is an extra cost that we weren't originally budgeting for, and then we need water tanks etc. and there is some buried waste that we have to get a bio survey done for. It all adds extra $$$.
The site itself is gorgeous, and I would really like to live there.

So you will, I hope, forgive me for not getting much stitching done at the moment.

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  1. You are most definitely forgiven! You have quite enough to be thinking about without worrying about us. Take your time and hopefully all will end the way you want it to.