29 May 2013

U.F.O. & Black Hole Discoveries

Well it's ALL GO here at Lewis Acres.
Tony and I have decided to sell our farm and retire to Hawkes Bay.
I have oodles of cupboards here packed to the brim with MY *stuff*, and I need to empty them all before we can put the house on the market. 
So this week I have been slowly working my way through ONE cupboard, lol. (I think it's going to be a long job).
Anyway, I have discovered so many *treasures* in just this one cupboard.
It has been so much fun coming across these U.F.O.'s that were relegated to the dark depths of  the black hole that appeared in the cupboard.

As I have't done ANY stitching at all this week (because of sorting and packing) I thought I had better share 'something' with you, so here are some of the treasures from my "black hole".

I can vaguely remember starting this x-stitch for mum and dad about 15 or more years ago. It was supposed to be an anniversary card, but it didn't get finished. Shame on me.

And this stitch sampler  never got past the letter 'L'. 
I think it was meant to be my own name there, and I started in the middle of my name to get the spacing right for the other letters.

And this, rather creased, 4-panel embroidery, was meant to be a cushion.
It seems I was reasonably ok with stitching satin stitch and French Knots all those years ago, but not so good with the other stitches. I've practiced a LOT since then, lol.

The Vintage Crinoline Lady embroidered table cloth was started by my mum and her sister Doris when Aunt Doris was living with us for a few years when I was just a little girl. They never finished it. There is a crinoline lady in each corner, and only this one is stitched (minus her head, arm and flowers).

One of the un-stitched corner designs.

The next pic is my own hand dyed fabric, quilted with a gold metallic thread meandering pattern.

And then, in the cupboard black hole, I found this paper-foundation-pieced mini quilt that I made about 12 years ago. It's good to let it see the light of day again. I may put it to good use now as a bedside table mat or coffee table mat.

Love the backing fabric. Wish I had some more of that.

It was fun to "re-discover" these things.
I wonder what else is hiding in the black hole.


  1. Hello Cy. You have found some real treasures in your black hole. Moving can be a daunting task and I'm sure this helps. My mom moved to an apartment and my brother and I have been going through things left in the house in preparation for a sale since she can't squeeze anymore into her apartment. It is eating all of my spare time, so I can really relate to what you are going through. Congratulations on your retirement!

  2. Thanks Connie, I'm enjoying every moment so far!

    1. P.S. I might add that I am NOT yet old enough to retire officially, just enjoying my 'premature' retirement, lol.

  3. oh my - packing and moving. Oh, how well I remember how difficult that is! Shoehorning a three bedroom bungalow of 'stuff' into a 2-bedroom apartment wasn't the funnest of chores, but it's amazing how much I have stored in my little second bedroom. Definitely creative use of storage! Looks like your black hole has yielded some pretty nice treasures.