04 March 2013

I Am Not Lost.....

After last weeks 'snafu' moment on the sarcophagus shapes, I came to a full-stop on that project just while I revisit what I had in mind for it. I had gone the wrong way, and now I have to find my way again, lol.

I am reminded of a statement I once made to hubby :-

    "I am not lost, I just went the wrong way"    

.... and that is so true for this project.

So, on to other things for this week.

I needed to JUST STITCH ANYTHING to take my off the 'other' project, and preferably not follow a pattern or need anything too 'taxing' for my brain at this moment.
A crochet knee-rug developed and was great for just letting the mind wander for a couple of days.

And here is a test piece of a possible art quilt in the designing stage. 

Happy Stitching

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