11 March 2013

Three Minimal Crazy Blocks done.

Another week has come and gone. 

My Embroidered Chance project has progressed just a little bit, but I forgot to take photos, sorry.

I have also been working on the crazy quilt 'mummy' shapes.

I will not keep you in suspenders  suspense any longer on this project.

After ripping out all the hand stitching that I did on two blocks because they were rather

over embellished 

for my liking, 

and I really wanted minimal, 

here is what I have done to them this week,

and a third block for good measure.

This is more what I had in mind, lol.

Let the fabrics and the colour do the feature thing,

not the stitches.

Happy Stitching

p.s.  Just in case any of you are 'eagle-eyed' perfectionists and notice the seam that I missed stitching the machine embroidery onto, I have since stitched the 'offending' seam after taking this photo.

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