04 February 2013

Crazy Quilt Top Progress

I have only managed a little bit of progress on the quilt for this week.
I had fully intended to have this quilt finished by now, but you know how life sometimes has other ideas - well this week LIFE has intervened yet again.
My poor little miniature Jack Russell managed to get a sharp pointy object (probably a stick or bramble)  pierce one of his eyes.
I have visited the vet with him almost everyday during the week, and we are desperately trying to save his eyesight (and his eye), but it does not look good at the moment.
He's on pain killing injections & tablets, antibiotics, and eyedrops.
A rather poorly little boy feeling very sorry for himself and needing lots of TLC.

But, on to the stitching for this week.

All 16 blocks are sewn together. 
This week I'm hoping to get the white border on, and the backing, and if I have any time left I might start the thin black binding.
I haven't decided how to join front and back together yet.
The options so far are:
  1. Tie with threads in corner of blocks.
  2. Quilt along the seams.
  3. Randomly stitch with hidden stitches.
Any other suggestions most welcome
What would YOU do?

Happy Stitching


  1. I hope the little guy does ok. Our cat has one eye and gets along amazingly well. I have no idea what happened to her eye. She was found in a park almost dead and two healthy kittens at her side. The ones who found her kept the kittens so we took in mama.

    I have no answer for your quilt questions. Stitching at the corners makes sense to me and that is what I am planning. I would worry the stitch in the ditch/quilting along seams may pucker? But...I really know nothing about it

    1. I'm happy you were able to give the mama cat a good home Connie.
      I've managed a bit more progress with the borders, but it really is surprising me just how busy life has become again this week. Ah well. Back to the grindstone!

  2. Awwww - poor puppy. I do hope he is soon feeling better. Please give him a special bit of loving from me. As for your stitching question - how about putting buttons on here and there on your quilt and tieing them on going through the backing. Then the buttons would be a design element and serve double duty for stability. Just a thought!

    1. Update on Mojo is that he will have surgery this Friday to repair his eye and help save his sight.
      Thank you for suggesting the buttons, lol, how on earth did I not think of that option? Sometimes I can't see what the obvious answer is, haha. I shall audition some buttons and see what takes my fancy. Thanks again.