28 January 2013

Four Crazy Quilt Blocks

This week has been a busy one on the stitching front.

I have completed the four crazy quilt blocks that were needed for the centre part of the quilt.
This now means I have ALL 16 blocks done, and, AND, I have stitched half the quilt top together, and pinned the other half ready for stitching. But the second bit won't get done today as Tony has just invited me out for drive and a picnic. I cannot resist this opportunity for another adventure with 'doo'man..

So without further ado, here are the pics to show you how far I have got this week.

The four crazy quilt blocks.

These blocks are muted whites, off-whites, greys, light creams & natural colours.
I have not worked in such a one-tone (plain white) colour scheme before, and I have discovered that I rather like it. It was another unexpected learning curve.
My 12 blocks in the black, white, turquoise & teals will be surrounding these in a 4 x 4 block arrangement.

Lots of TAST stitches, lots of 'invented' stitches, and lots of surprise (to me) combinations.
I especially love the mandala combination stitches. 

Here are (rather a lot) of close-up pics of the stitching from the above blocks.

And here is half the quilt top stitched together (but not pressed yet).

After ALL that heavy stitching on the black & turquoise blocks, stitching on the white blocks was a real treat, haha. 
The fact that I managed to stitch all four blocks in 8 days was a revelation in what I, personally, can achieve. I was, of course, urged on with the need to get this quilt finished by the end of January so that I can start my next crazy quilt adventure, which is waiting patiently in the wings.

The coming week will hopefully see this quilt to completion, or to the binding stage at least.

Happy Stitching


  1. Your stitching is so enjoyable and inspiring to look at. It is always creative and so well done. The white center blocks are going to look terrific surrounded with your darker 12 blocks. I am anxious to see it all together.

  2. Looks great! Can't wait to see it all finished - I already know it's going to be beautiful.