18 February 2013

A mixture of sewing projects

 Embroidery of Chance 

I started with a velvet square in a dusky pink colour.
 Added random wool tops with needle-felting just to add a bit of colour to start with.

Then, using the TAST stitches and a dice roll #5 for which box of threads I will use.
A coin toss gives me Regular or Irregular stitching.
Other rolls of the dice give me - Design Shape, Line Design, and Decoration or Embellishments for the whole piece.

Knotted Feather Stitch - Irregular, curved
Inverted Feather Stitch - Regular, haphazard
Raised Herringbone Band - Regular, triangle, vertical

The CHANCE part is working out fine so far. I think I might change the way the threads are randomly chosen though as I wasn't too pleased with the bright green on the back of the raised herringbone band. The best way to get a cohesive colourway would probably be to choose perhaps a dozen or so threads that would actually look good on the background, and then have the dice choose which one to use next.
I will PLAY with that idea on the next roll of the dice.

 Ear Ear Project 

The soft spongy ear-pads on my headphones disintegrated two weeks ago and it's a bit painful trying to use them without the soft pad, so here is my solution to that problem.
I am very pleased with the result. Rather snazzy I think.

 My Mum's Steam Engine Cross Stitch 

Here are the photo's of the large cross-stitch project that my mum started but had to give up on due to failing eye-sight.
As mentioned on a previous post, I shall be finishing the last 3 carriages in her memory.

The whole thing when finished is 1.6 metres long (yes, over one and a half metres) and about 200mm high.
That is quite a large cross stitch panel.

I'm not sure when I will have time this year, but it is on my TO-DO list.

 Learning Lace Making 

This is the treasured lace-making equipment I have.
All of this was my mums, and I have inherited quite a few of her books on the subject as well.

The domed cushion for pinning the projects.

Her best bobbins in her custom made case for them.

A collection of her other bobbins in another case she made.

A few of her special pyrography bobbins.

And a pair of very special bobbins in a box.

Well that's it for this week's show-and-tell.
Hope you enjoyed the eye-candy.

Happy Stitching


  1. I love the way your mind works. Rolling the dice is a fun way to make decisions ~ roflol! Clever idea to make your own custom cover for the ear piece. Your mother's cross stitch is amazing. I can see where you get your talent. I'm sure you will do something special with it when the time is right. I am totally jealous of all those bobbin lace tools!!!! Really nice post Cy.

    1. Thank you Connie. These bobbins really are a thing of beauty and I would be happy just to sit and look at them, lol. But then I would never know the joy of actually using them, so I will definitely be adding bobbin lace making to my repertoire.

  2. Oh my - what a feast for the eyes in this post! Thank you for the further explanation of the roll of the dice app - interesting. THEN I scrolled down and saw that incredible cross stitch - words fail me!! That is absolutely amazing and will be SO eye catching when it's done. And THEN I saw the bobbins (which I have no clue how to use) and was even more amazed. Wow, wow and wow!