18 January 2013

A Week of Designing

I have been in designing mode for a couple of days now.

This big box of cottons and threads are some of my 'treasures' that I brought back from my UK visit. They WERE in my mothers stash, and now they are in mine, haha.

I envisage many happy days of stitching and/or crocheting.

The following projects are ones that need a bit more planning, arranging, and organizing.

 The 12 crazy quilt blocks for CQJP 2012 are finished and need arranging for their final placement.

 I have auditioned a variety of fabric colours for the borders, and decided not to go with sashing on them as they look rather good right next to each other.

 I have made my colour choice, but will not reveal it to you just yet, in case I change my mind (I usually do).

The middle section has been created and needs a few more stitches added until I am happy to add it to the quilt. 

My crazy quilt for CQJP 2013 (yep, I have signed up for another year of craziness). I can see this quilt in my head, I just need to get it sorted in fabric and stitched up. 

I worked through a few major design problems last year, so I should be better prepared for this one (famous last words haha).

Last year the size of my blocks was 9" square. They were very labour intensive on hand-stitching. Don't get me wrong here, I love, love love hand-stitching, but I had trouble keeping up with creating one block a month because I wanted more and more embellishments added to them. 
So this year, I am going for a complete change - minimalist. 
Ok, I can hear all those groans. 
How can a crazy quilt be minimalist?
Well, the answer is ..... I'm not sure!
I have an idea, but I shall have to experiment a little bit with it to find out if it really works, and, more importantly, if I like it.
I have a feeling this is going to be another learning curve where I find out more about myself too.

As for the colour scheme for this quilt, lol....... IT too will be a complete change from last year.

I am in URGENT need of some colour in my life.

I pulled out a lot of my bright fabrics and laid them on the table. 

The following pic is of the fabrics that made it to the short list. And you can see I have narrowed it down a bit more since taking the photo.

    LOOK!!!                     NO PURPLE    

So that is what I have been up to so far this week.
Now let the stitching fun begin.

Happy Stitching


  1. Glad you are participating in CQJP 2013! Are you doing TAST? I remember when we were all starting out last year in anticipation of CQJP 2012 and finally got rolling on our blocks. The planning can be the most fun AND the most intimidating. I am doing something opposite from last year too. I'm excited to see your blocks begin to emerge, but am a little disappointed at the lack of PURPLE! How could you ~ lol.

    1. Famous last words Connie lol, since creating this post I have added a LILAC and a PURPLE to the final mix.
      Yes, I will be doing the TAST stitches, but I have a plan that will make them even more INTERESTING than last year. I will reveal all in another post once I have 'worked out' the kinks. But, at this moment, my plan is to use them on a different project than the CQ.
      I'm looking forward to following your CQ progress again this year. xx

    2. Lol, I knew you wouldn't let me down with a purple ban! Look forward to your big reveal. I have 15 blank tags yet and may use them for some sort of stitch reference. I'm not planning on faithfully following TAST, but as you say, that could all change. I will be watching it for inspiration. For CQJP I am focusing more on seam treatments and stitch combinations than anything (and I do have purple patches).