14 January 2013

Creative Week 2

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Continuing documenting my creative activities in Journal form here.

Week 2

Tues 8 Jan
Gathering ideas for CQJP block 12. Sorted through, and auditioned, mum's lace and crochet practice pieces to see what would fit best on the block.

Wed 9 Jan
Delicately stitched mum's lace and crochet in place on the cq block.
Took dogs for a cool-off in our stream. 
Enjoyed 'studying' the costumes when the boyz & I watched Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest.

Thurs 10 Jan
Reading - The Santa Cruise.
Stitched some seam treatments on the crazy quilt block.
A starry night, so I did some star-gazing on the deck.

Fri 11 Jan
Finished reading The Santa Cruise (a good mystery read).
Continued stitching on the crazy quilt block.

Sat 12 Jan.
Went with Tony  to suss out a car he might want to buy.
(Had to drive Tony's car home when he bought the new one).
Started reading a new book.
Stitched some more on CQ block 12

Sun 13 Jan
Watched the baby Highland cattle frolicking in the field.
Finished stitching the 12th crazy quilt block.
Started planning the placements of the 12 blocks for the final quilt.
Trying to decide if I need black sashing or turquoise!


  1. I keep lists of all the things I've done during the week, too. Makes me feel accomplished.

    1. It is a great way to keep a track of what we have achieved during the week.