08 April 2012

TAST catch-up & BJP

TAST catch-up & BJP

Here I am with another round-up of my stitching adventures over the last couple of weeks.
My online time had been drastically reduced to almost zilch, but all is well again now and I should be back into the swing of things again soon.


I got a bit behind with my TAST stitching but I think I am all caught up again now with these following pics.

Whipped Spider Wheel
with Whipped Spiral & Whipped Fan Variations

Barred Chain Stitch

Satin Stitch

Spiral Whipped Wheel & Satin Stitch

Barred Chain Stitch
I totally lost the plot with this stitch and ended up just 'doing-my-own-thing' with it.
I might attempt this stitch at another time when I have the instructions actually in font of me.

Padded Satin Stitch

BJP - February 
(yes, I know I'm a bit late)


Progress on Cushion for Mum


  1. I loved your tutorial on the wheel I did have a go I think the spiral is so different I will try that next. Mums cushion is great my mum used to love receiving things hand made from all of us.

  2. Such pretty stitching, Cy! I love that spiral whipped wheel; it's amazing!

  3. Your teardrop pendant is lovely. I like the sprinkles effect.

    I'm blown away by your beautiful embroidery! The colors and the textures are so rich.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Marty, I'm so glad you enjoyed looking at my embroidery too. Thanks for visiting :)

  4. Anonymous03:00

    I love your spiral whipped wheel. I know how to do the wheel, but how did you make it a spiral? Thanks!
    Linda Lachance

  5. Thanks for visiting Linda. To make the spiral whipped wheel the "spokes" were stitched in the spiral first and then whipped. It was quite tricky to keep the whipped stitches in place but I really liked that experiment to create a different variation of the whipped wheel.