23 April 2012

CQJP for March - Yes I'm late.....

CQJP for March - Yes I'm late..... & TAST Stitches Update

I have managed to get quite a bit of stitching time to myself this week.
Here are my latest TAST stitches that are on my CQJP block.

Stem Stitch
Nine rows of stem stitch in two colours stitched next to each other.
The black thread is two strands of cotton floss,
and the green thread is something silky that I found in my stash (oddment with no label)

French Knot
Five rows of French Knots in graduating colours from lilac to blue.
Detached Daisy's for edging.



I am rather late getting my March CQJP block done but here is the progress on it so far.

The Naked Block
I made this block last Monday in my quilt colour scheme of black, white and anything in between.

Detail 1
French Knots & Detached Daisy's on left.
Braided Chain on right.
Buttonhole and Cross Stitch above.

Detail 2
Seam treatments being developed here. Lots more stitching needed, and then the beads.

Detail 3
I was having a bit of Whipping fun with this seam treatment.
You can just see on the left, in green, a detached buttonhole row.

Detail 4
The black semi-circles on the left are in Stem Stitch with Detached Chains and Ribbon Petal Stitch in them, and Seed Stitch done in DMC metallic silver thread.
On the bottom right is a new seam combination being nurtured.

This week I have been experimenting with new combinations for the seam treatments as I have been feeling a bit restricted with the TAST stitches and I'm longing for something a bit more challenging.
This coming week I shall add beads and hopefully finish this block as I need to start on my April block to catch up, but as I've managed to do all the above stitching in one week, I think I might be able to catch up soon. With both of my boys back at Uni again after the Easter break, and my older son gone back to his own house, I should have more daytime for myself.
It has been great having them around, but sometimes I would like to just sit and stitch without having to make (yet another) pot of tea or put the dinner on (why do they never stop eating and yet remain a healthy weight?).

I need to create another butterfly for that centre fabric patch, probably in stumpwork again as I like how the last one turned out. And I will crochet a piece for a specific area when I decide which area needs a bit of traditional lacework.

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